The 4 Coolest Vehicles Tom Cruise Abused in ‘Mission Impossible: Fallout’

August 9, 2018 Cars By Photo by Land Rover

Tom Cruise is in his mid-fifties. He is an absolute nutter, as evidenced by some questionable life choices, but made more blatantly obvious by his insane stunt work in, most notably, the Mission: Impossible franchise. There is zero reason a man that old should be able to run like an Olympian cyborg. It goes without saying that one reason he’s such an adept actions star is that he’s actually capable of doing the things his characters do: physical feats and lunatic-level car and motorcycle driving.

I am in the three-ish percent of people who did not care for the new MI movie, “Fallout,” but that didn’t stop me from lusting after some of the vehicles featured. BMW has an unapologetic near-monopoly on vehicles in the franchise, but there are a couple others that shine. Best of all is the Defender 110 Ethan Hunt (Cruise) drives toward the climax of the film. It’s a right-hand drive truck, but you can live the correct-hand-drive dream if you’re into it. Check out Cruise’s cruisers below.

Watch the Trailer:

Land Rover Defender 110 RHD Wagon

The term ‘gold standard’ may have beeen invented to describe the Defender’s place in the automotive pantheon. It’s not a drag racer – as evidenced by Cruise’s character screaming at the truck to go faster so that he can CATCH THE BAD GUY – but it’s probably the only way to travel overland if you have any semblence of taste.


1986 BMW 5 Series (E28)

I really can’t recommend enough that you DON’T try to do. literally anything Cruise does in these films. Chief among them is jumping twenty feet from rooftop to rooftop or scaling mountains without safety equipment. But please also don’t buy a nice classic Bimmer, crank the handbrake at about 45 mph and vault ass-backwards off stone steps. If you do that, you will no longer have a nice classic Bimmer at all.


Watch (some of) the Stunts

BMW R nineT Scrambler

A lot of the vehicles Cruise zooms among in the masive motorcycle chase sequence in the film were CGI, but that doesn’t mean his dragging his foot to stay stablee on city streets while letting wind blow his un-helmet-ed hair was fake. At least BMW’s scrambler is good looking enough to match his meaty old guy face.
Read our review of the 2017 R nineT Urban G/S, which is essentially the same bike.



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