Big Power, Small Package

This May Be the Prettiest EDC Flashlight We’ve Ever Seen

August 17, 2018 Sports and Outdoors By

Muyshondt, a brand known for making ultra-high-end flashlights prized by the EDC crowd, just released an all-new torch called the Aeon Mk. III Series 2. The light is designed to fit in a space as small as a coin pocket, yet still brings impressive power to the table with 160 lumens. Muyshondt even tested the light in near space, launching the Aeon Mk. III Series 2 to 100,000 feet. After falling back to Earth, and being subjected to temperatures as low as -54F, and significantly less atmospheric pressure, the torch still performed perfectly.

After a long pre-order period, the Aeon Mk. III Series 2 will begin shipping next week and is available in titanium, copper and aluminum.

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