Meet the $75 Naadam cashmere sweater

This New Cashmere Sweater Needs to Be In Your Closet

September 19, 2018 Briefings By

Naadam has already greatly altered how the cashmere industry should operate — cutting out the middleman to give higher profits to nomadic herders in Mongolia while also passing savings along to the consumer. And at its customers’ request, the company has taken those savings even further with a new 100 percent cashmere sweater that costs just $75.

Naadam is able to offer this price by controlling every stage of the knitting and manufacturing process, having retooled decades of manufacturing inefficiency to develop less expensive cashmere products. But its suppliers still take steps that most others don’t (like old-school hand combing for cruelty-free cashmere). So the result is an extremely soft, sustainably made, luxury cashmere sweater that’s fair to everyone from start to finish.