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Alexa Can Now Help Guard Your Home, Lock Your Doors, Link to Security Cameras and More

September 20, 2018 Announcements By

Thanks to Alexa Guard, one of Amazon’s newest updates to their smart home system, Alexa can now listen for the sounds of breaking glass or doors being forced open while you’re away from home, alerting you to issues and potential threats. When you leave your house or apartment, you’ll be able to set any Echo units around your home to enter “Guard Mode.”

When forced entry is detected, you’ll be notified through your phone so you can alert the authorities if you think it’s a break-in. In addition to this warning-detection mode, security firm ADT is teaming up with Amazon to help you lock and unlock doors (that are equipped with compatible smart locks) using Alexa. Also joining Amazon’s home security efforts is the company Ring, maker of security cameras and monitoring units. Ring will offer $180 stick-up cameras, which integrate with your Alexa smart home system; those should be available later this fall.

As Amazon’s presenter said at the announcement today, no one is going to complain about having a safer home in 10 years.

This product is not yet available — stay tuned for more information as Amazon’s newest products and features are fully announced.

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