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10 of the Highest-Ranked Cars to Own, According to 3.2 Million Owners

October 3, 2018 Cars By

Driving a car on a press launch or for an hour around a dealership can only reveal so much about a car. First impressions are crucial, there’s no doubt about that, but what little amount of time you have with a car over the course of an hour or maybe a day barely scratches the surface of what it’s like to actually own the car. What a test drive doesn’t tell you are the car’s quirks and subtle faults, or what the maintenance and post-purchase dealership experience is like. To give a better look into life with a car, there exist J.D Power rankings.

Using a 100-point system, J.D. Power uses feedback from nearly 3.2 million owners in categories like reliability, performance, design, dealership experience and cost of ownership concerning maintenance, fuel costs, etc. Each year there are multiple categories to win but we compiled the best of the best, J.D. Power’s highest ranked cars to own in 2018.

Porsche 911 — 94 Points

Genesis G90 — 93 Points

Mercedes-Benz S-Class — 92 Points

Lincoln Continental — 92 Points

Porsche Macan — 91 Points

Lincoln Navigator — 91 Points

Lexus RX — 91 Points

Porsche 718 — 90 Points

BMW 7 Series — 90 Points

Cadillac Escalade — 90 Points

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