The Krawler

Get This Trusty Tekto Gear Automatic Knife for 20 Percent Off

October 26, 2018 Briefings By

Tekto Gear’s knives are some of the most reliable, highly-functional blades out there. And the Krawler fits right into that mold.

Discrete and easy to use, this automatic knife features a chrome steel blade that’s as striking as it is sharp. The blade length measures 3.4 inches and is paired with an aviation aluminum alloy/sandpaper peel handle that is transparent on one side. This allows for an internal view into the automatic mechanism in action. It also sports a tungsten glass breaker, should you ever find yourself in need of one. And with the discount code GP20, you can snag the Krawler for 20 percent off.

Note: Owning and carrying an automatic knife isn’t legal in every state due to the Federal Switchblade Act. You can check how the law works in your state here.

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