Smart tech and better for the planet, too

Most Tech Products Are Bad for the Environment. This Wireless Charger Isn’t.

November 9, 2018 Briefings By

Technological innovation comes with great benefits. No surprise there. But it also has side-effects: plastic packaging, the overuse of raw materials and creation of electronic waste. Nimble wants to change that.

Nimble focuses on minimizing environmental impact by bolstering e-waste recycling, using eco-friendly packaging and utilizing better materials in all its devices. The Wireless Pad is a prime example of this philosophy come to life. Compatible with any wireless-charging devices, the Wireless Pad can charge multiple devices at once. It’s covered in a fabric made from organic hemp and recycled plastic bottles; it’s also built with plant-based bioplastics derived from corn and sugarcane. It’s refreshing to see an innovative product that can do better for the environment, too.

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