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Pellet Grills Offer the Convenience of Gas with the Flavor of Wood

November 14, 2018 Deals By

Before 1985, people in the market for a new grill had a simple choice: charcoal or gas? One offered convenience, the other flavor and control. Joe Traeger of Traeger Grills changed all that with an innovative new technique he called pellet grilling — today one of the fastest growing sectors of the outdoor cooking arena.

Here’s how it works:

Hundreds of little hardwood pellets that come in all sorts of flavors (from hickory to mesquite) get fed into a firing chamber. Users then select a temperature via a small digital interface on the grill, which cleanly and efficiently burns the pellets into a fine ash. Pellet grills take about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up and reach temperatures up to 450 degrees, though many people buy them for their ability to cook food low and slow without the need to constantly monitor the process. In other words, they’re awesome, boasting the convenience of gas grills with the flavor of wood or charcoal.

The only downside? They’re expensive. Like, really expensive: the best pellet grills, such as those in Traeger’s Elite Grill Series, cost upward of $1,300. But today, you can save $91 on the superb Texas Elite 34 or $43 on the small-yet-mighty Junior Elite 20. If you’re in the market, give pellet grilling a chance. This isn’t 1984.

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