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This Is the Ultimate Defender. It Has Every Essential You’ll Need. Honestly

November 21, 2018 Cars By
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Custom Land Rover Defenders run rampant on today’s roads. Some are hot-rodded to hell and back. Others are simply period-correct restorations brought back to their original glory. Some are over the top; others are slightly uninspiring. This modified 1989 Defender 110, on the other hand, doesn’t fit into either of those categories — this glorious green wagon just might be the perfect Defender.

When you peel away all the romanticism and legendary heritage stories, the average Land Rover Defender is just a primitive farm vehicle, a tractor with doors, a roof and a heater (that probably works, sometimes). To get a Defender ready for tolerable daily-driver status, you have to upgrade it, give it better suspension, swap out the electronics and wiring, replace the all the seals and clear out all the rust. Which means a stock Defender is more like a blank canvas, ready to become the car you want it to be.

I’m here to say this 1989 Land Rover Defender 110 V8 is now the bar by which all future Defenders will be measured. As a baseline, it’s painted a deep Keswick Green with custom tan canvas and leather seat covers. Under the hood, there’s a rebuilt 3.5-liter V8 connected to a new exhaust and accompanied by a new transfer case and brakes; its wheels are fitted with BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 tires. All pretty standard stuff.

What makes this Defender standout among the rest isn’t the Front Runner full-length roof rack or the Big Country 4×4 clamshell tent mounted on top. It’s not even the bull bar, LED flood lights, rock sliders, high lift jack or snorkel. (Which, by the way, all make fantastic additions to any Defender.) No, what boosts it to the top are its Big Country 4×4 sliding storage system, National Luna refrigerator/freezer, 10-gallon freshwater tank replacing the rear jump seats, air compressor and custom bar fitted in the rear window —- it’s opened with a ‘Keep Calm & Drink Beer’ aux button.

Half of the fun of overlanding is taking in the holistic experience, enjoying life and relaxing with friends while you’re doing. This Defender is perfectly equipped to handle all of that. Take the road less traveled out to the middle of nowhere, set up camp and crack a beer with friends. You won’t find a more idyllic Land Rover Defender for $30,000.

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