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Byredo Suede Rinse-Free Handwash

Sometimes a sink isn’t always handy, and that’s where this rinse-free hand wash comes in. In addition to cleaning and moisturizing skin, it smells damn good.
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Meehan’s Bartender Manual

This new book explains the complexity of the modern bar industry and a range of important topics including the history of cocktails, menu development, spirits production and drink mixing technique.
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Good Cigar Co. Pack

For some, the best thing to pair with a strong drink is a good cigar. This package includes two top-tier cigars, a cutter, matches and detailed tasting notes.
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Candy Lab Orange Racer

A stylish and playful accent to any desk or bookcase. It’s more than just a toy; it’s an exercise in minimalist art with an automotive twist.
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Baxter of California Clay Effect Style Spray

Baxter’s latest product has the styling effect of a clay paste but its quicker and easier to apply — simply spray it into your hair then style to your liking. Perfect for rushed morning grooming routines or as a mid-afternoon backup.
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Hudson Hi-Fi Premium Swiss Leather Turntable Mat

A slipmat helps grip the record to the platter, preventing the record from sliding around and therefore sounding better. Even if they’re not a DJ they’ll use and appreciate this beautiful leather good.
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877 Workshop Brown Leather Nato Keychain

A keychain doesn’t have to be complicated — it has one job — but it must be durable. The 877 Workshop leather keychain, with its handcrafted aluminum rivet and a NATO strap, has all the right ingredients to endure years of startups, unlocks and respites in between couch cushions.
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Stance Crux Hiking Socks

Trekking socks don’t have to project wilderness, they just have to get you through, warm and blister-free. Stance has added style to hiking peds, and it hasn’t forgotten about moisture wicking, breathability or supportive cushioning in doing so.
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Good Thing Richman Dustpan and Brush

Who says your cleaning implements have to be plastic and cheap? This dustpan and brush was designed by Christopher Specce and will look good in your home or office.
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Pipcorn Truffle Single Serve

Movie popcorn with all that butter is blatantly unhealthy. If they’re looking for a healthier, more portion-controlled serving, this Truffle Pipcorn fits the bill.
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Arcade Belts Guide Belt

Standard-issue leather belts don’t stand a chance when stacked up to Arcade’s belts. They are reinforced, non-slip, stretchy, totally weatherproof, and machine-washable. Can your leather belt do that?
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Hydro Flask 10-Ounce Rocks Tumbler

Everything that makes Hydro Flask great — clean design, fantastic temperature regulation, guaranteed for life — now in backcountry tumbler form.
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Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Traveller

When it’s not being used, the Aeros deflates and packs into an included palm-sized case, making it much more travel-friendly than those foam-filled things you find at airport convenient stores. It weighs just 1.8 ounces, has a neck-hugging ergonomic shape and is finished with a soft polyster face.
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Field Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

The simple design of the bottle opener is both functional and beautiful. Made from stainless steel, it’ll last you the rest of your life.
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Marpac Dohm Basic Sound Machine

A good white noise machine is also a boon to a better night’s sleep. Marpac Dohm’s Basic Sound Machine is simple — operating at one speed but with an adjustable volume — and compact at less than six inches in diameter.
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Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0

Despite being large enough to fit two people, Matador’s Pocket Blanket lives up to its name — when compacted, it actually fits into a storage pouch that’s smaller than an iPhone.
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Anker Quick Charge 3.0 & USB Type-C 54W 4-Port USB Car Charger

Even for the clasic car driver, a four-port USB charger is a much-needed utility. in fact, even newer-car owners will appreciate the aditional USB Type-C port.
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Inspire Candle by Twelve South

Last year’s ‘New Mac’ candle was designed to smell like a new Mac computer — and it sold like wildfire. This year, Twelve South is back with a more refined Mac candle that’s designed to smell more like “a new idea.” What this fresh scent really amounts to a confluence of bergamot, lemon and tarragon notes.
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Barebones Hori Hori Gardening Tool

There’s never a bad time to have a multi-tool, and gardening is no exception. The Barebones Hori Hori is a do-all gardening tool with a heat treated stainless steel straight edge blade, a serrated edge and sustainable bamboo handle, and it has a twine cutter and a bottle opener (for when the job is done).
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Blanc Creatives Muddler

If you’re mixing a lot of cocktails, you should invest in a quality muddler. Available in walnut or maple, this muddler from Blanc Creatives is the perfect size and shape for your everyday needs.
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Matador Indigo-Edition Daylite Hip Pack

Keep your wallet, phone, passport, or anything else you need conveniently tucked away and grabbable at a moment’s notice. Built with 30-denier waterproof Cordura nylon and water resistant zippers, the Daylite Hip Pack features a main compartment, front pocket, hidden interior zipper pocket, internal key tether and external compression straps.
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W and P Design Bartender’s Knife

This bartender’s knife has a multi-purpose blade designed for peeling slicing and picking. The handle is made from polished hardwood and features brass hardware.
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Ciele GoCap Whitaker

Based in Montreal, Ciele makes what are known in tight-knit running circles to be some of the best running caps available. They’re constructed from ultra-wicking COOLwick fabric and offer UPF +40 sun protection. They also feature reflective hits on the front and back to keep you safe when running at night.
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Untapped Maple Waffles

Stroopwafels are tasty, and often closer to an indulgence than “training food.” Untapped has harnessed pure Vermont maple syrup to produce the tastiest waffle available, and nearly all of the other ingredients on the list are simple and organic too.
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Best Made Co. 9-Inch Strongbox

Everything in a DIYer’s workshop needs to be tough as nails — including the smallest of storage boxes. Not only is the Best Made Co. Strong box hand-made, hand-spot welded, powder coated 22-gauge steel, it looks damn good too.
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Yamazaki Home Tower Magazine Rack

This sleek and simple magazine rack is both functional and beautiful. It’ll store a range of your favorite publications without worry of warping or creasing. It’s also got a relatively small footprint, for those counting square feet.
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Yeti Loadout Utility Bucket

When it comes to car and motorcycle cleaning, the wash bucket can easily be overlooked. If you think just any old spackle bucket will do, take a moment to think about how many you’ve tossed out once they crack or the handle falls off?
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Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Change up your cocktails with these non-alcoholic herbal distillations. Experiment with making tonics or mixed drinks with either Spice 94 (baking spices) or Garden 108 (more herbaceous).
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Tom Bihn Skookum Dog Camp Mat

Dogs can be globetrotters, too. This dog bed, made with nylon, synthetic fleece and polyster padding, can be rolled up and stuffed into your suitcase.
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Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Serrated Edge

Getting stuck in the snow is no joke. And while it’d be really nice to be able to fit the same shovel you use to clear the drive way in your trunk, that’s not plausible. The Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade is the same sort of shovel soldiers use in battle — compact, tough as nails — so it’ll definitely hold up when a Nor’easter blows through.
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Satechi Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand

Free up your desk space with a laptop stand that will hold your computer vertically. Made with anodized aluminum, this stand holds both Apple and PC devices with protective rubberized grips.
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Zojirushi 20-Ounce Travel Mug

There’s no denying the performance of vacuum insulated thermoses. This stainless steel body and locking PBA plastic cap were designed to endure the rigors and frustrations of even the longest commutes.
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Most Modest Walter Wall Shelf

A simple yet eye-catching piece of wall decor that can accommodate small pocket items like phones and wallets, while the hooks are the perfect place to park your keys.
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Mubi Subscription

Mubi is a unique streaming service that introduces a new movie to its subscribers each day and gives them 30 days to watch it. If your math is good, this means that there are 30 movies available to stream at all times. The movies can be anything, from 1950s classics to new indy hits. For film lovers, this subscription is a great gift.
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Schoolhouse Electric Brass Knurled Pulls

No doubt, the DIYer has been staring at those workshop drawer handles with disdain for quite some time now, yearning for suitable replacements. Consider the search over.
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Norlan Whisky Glasses

This hand-blown whiskey glass from Norlan Glass is specifically designed to deliver the best tasting experience for your spirits. Its double-walled design allows for a unique inside shape that increases the rate of oxidation, allowing more ethanol to evaporate while focusing aroma towards the nose. The effect is that you can enjoy every aspect of your whiskey — the taste, the smell, the color — from start to finish.
Buy Now: $48 (set of 2)

Hydro Flask 40oz Wide Mouth with Straw

Cheap, plastic squeeze bottles are great. But a fully-insulated, straw-equipped, 40-ounce bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours (or hot for 12) might just be better.
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Inside Utopia: Visionary Interiors and Futuristic Homes

This curation of modern design showcases a wealth of preserved interiors and breathtaking architecture. It features buildings across that world that were radical and idealistic in what the view of the future could be.
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The Dark Knot

In men’s style, as in life, it’s the little things that matter most. The irony, of course, is that these are the details that often get overlooked. The Dark Knot is solving that problem by offering a plethora of luxurious, handmade men’s accessories at affordable prices, all of which are presented in an elegant black gift box along with recommendations for a matching look. Whether you are looking for a tie, pocket square, bracelet or another accessory, The Dark Knot will help you look your best, and provide style advice at the same time. The brand’s upcoming line of neckties are handmade in Como, Italy and will look smart with either a suit or a sport coat.
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Muncher Multi-Tool

The Muncher is essentially a spork, but packed with 10 more useful functions perfect for taking on the trail. And since it’s made of titanium, it’s not just insanely lightweight (.7 ounces), but virtually indestructable.
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Autophoto: Cars & Photography, 1900 to Now

Since its invention, the automobile has reshaped the way we live. What better way to celebrate than with over 100 years worth of beautiful photography, all in one book?
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