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Howlin’ Out of the Blue Hat

A simple beanie that’s perfect for winter. Made in Scotland from lambswool, it will do wonders in keeping those ears warm.
Buy Now: $53

Yamato Indigo Starter Kit

There’s no need to go all the way to Japan to get expertly dyed linens now that the work can be done at home with the Yamato Indigo starter kit. It uses a Japanese natural-blend indigo powder dye, only needs water and doesn’t need heating or fermentation. It will add a vibrant blue to every piece of cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood and washi paper the DIYer can get their hands on.
Buy Now: $55

Black Diamond Revolt Rechargeable Headlamp

The Revolt packs several features not found in entry-level headlamps. It’s rechargable — simply plug it in to any wall outlet, and you’re set for hours. It has a lot more than just one light setting: full-strength (300 lumens), proximity, distance, dimming, strobe, red light night vision, and lock mode. A power meter tells you how much battery life remains, and the case is highly water-resistant.
Buy Now: $60

iClever Portable Car Jump Starter

Like a handheld backup power bank, but for dead engines. It holds enough juice for 30 jump starts, has a built-in flashlight and is no bigger than an iPhone. Stash it in your trunk with your other emergency essentials.
Buy Now: $60


Constructed from lightweight 70D ripstop nylon, and perfectly suitable as an emergency shelter, the multi-tasking TripTarp displays everything you need to pack for a weekend in the woods.
Buy Now: $60

Strava Premium

Strava already helps athletes track, analyze and share fitness data and its premium model goes even deeper. Workout analysis is further built out with new Suffer Scores and feedback is delivered in real time so you can give it that extra push and one-up your friends.
Buy Now: $60 Per Year

Blunt Metro Umbrella

Born in rain-soaked New Zealand, Blunt umbrellas are built to withstand years of abuse; every single umbrella is built to survive 72 mph winds, undergoes extensive quality checks and is backed by a five-year guarantee.
Buy Now: $60

SureFire G2X Pro Series LED Flashlight

Dark situations don’t always call for a massive Maglite. Most of the time, a perfectly sized EDC flashlight like the SureFire G2X is the right tool for the job.
Buy Now: $61

Stanley Adventure Base Camp Cook Set

This incredibly compact set from Stanely includes 19 pieces of cookware, dinnerware and tableware that nests into a 3.7-quart stainless steel pot for convenient storage and transport.
Buy Now: $65

Handa Natural Indigo Cotton Tea Towel

These towels are dyed with natural indigo and are handwoven. They come in a range of different patterns and will immediately elevate your kitchen or bar’s aesthetic.
Buy Now: $65

Stanley Master Series Vacuum Bottle

As part of its Master Series, Stanley has introduced a 1.4-quart bottle that can keep drinks hot or cold for up to 40 hours (16 hours longer than its Classic Vacuum Insulated Bottle), or iced up to 100 hours.
Buy Now: $65

Manduka eKO 5mm Yoga Mat

Manduka’s thick yoga mat is heavier than most, but it’s wildly durable as a result. The extra-grippy mat is made from biodegradable, non-toxic, natural tree rubber that isn’t sourced from the Amazon Rainforeset, so your conscious can find relaxation along with your body.
Buy Now: $69

Tanner Goods Record Rack in Mid-Century Mint

Display up to 45 records with an easy-to-flip-through design. This wire frame is made in the USA and is finished with a durable semi-gloss powder-coat finish.
Buy Now: $70

Solo Stove

Unlike ordinary bonfire pits, the Solo Stove Bonfire has a meticulously engineered airflow system, which burns wood more efficiently and with less smoke. It’s built with corrosion-resistant stainless steel, making it an excellent modern centerpiece for your backyard.
Buy Now: $70+

HiRise MacBook Stand by Twelve South

For anybody who pairs their laptop with an external monitor, a laptop stand can raise both screens to a similar height — it’s easier on their eyes. Even if they don’t use separate monitor, a laptop stand can help improve sitting posture and can also be useful if they use a separate keyboard. This one by HiRise is lightweight, sturdy and very adjustable.
Buy Now: $70

Ridge Wallet

One of Huckberry’s perennial best-sellers, the Ridge Wallet is a one-of-a-kind aluminium wallet with an expandable track that holds up to 12 cards and some cash, and features built-in RFID-blocking technology. The Navy SEAL version, in the official Pantone Navy Blue color, also donates 10 percent of all proceeds to the Navy SEAL Foundation.
Buy Now: $72

D.S. & Durga Mississippi Medicine Pocket Perfume

You can’t make this up: “Based on the rituals of the proto-Mississippian death cult of the 1200s.” Those death cults apparently had fantastic taste in cologne: Mississippi Medicine has notes of birch tar, viola, white spruce, incense, cypress root, cascarilla bark and more. And it all comes in a convenient, travel-friendly pouch.
Buy Now: $72

Velomacchi Speedway Multi Pocket Universal Motorcycle Tool Kit Roll

Out in the field a toolbox or medical kit can be too cumbersome. The near-indestructable Velomacchi Speedway Tool Kit roll is exactly what the doctor ordered.
Buy Now: $74

Drake’s Contrast-Tipped Wool Pocket Square

This Italian-made wool pocket square from Drake’s, one of menswear’s most vaunted brands, may be pricey but it’s a subtle styling flourish that will work with most suit colors and patterns.
Buy Now: $75

Onsen Towel Set

Onsen forgoes the chemical wash process that most towel makers use to achieve a soft feeling and instead springs for high-quality Supima cotton that stays softer for longer. A modern design and an exfoliating texture don’t hurt, either.
Buy Now: $75

Hender Scheme Leather Mouse Pad

Tokyo-based Hender Scheme made this mouse pad from raw cowhide leather that will develop a beautiful patina the more it’s used. Simple and natural, it’s the perfect foil to your latest technology.
Buy Now: $75

Outdoor Voices Merino Tee

The powers of merino are incredible. It’s comfortable, has anti-stench properties and is fast-drying. This crewneck t-shirt is 89% merino — it’s stretchy, soft and best of all, it barely looks like a gym shirt.
Buy Now: $75

Taylor Stitch Chore Pant

When the DIYer needs to go to work, they need to be able to count on their clothes holding up to the rigors of manual labor. The Taylor Stitch Chore Pant is a double-knee work pant made from 100-percent cotton, 12-oz. Mt Vernon Duck Canvas that’s tough enough to count on.
Buy Now: $78

Todd Snyder x New Era Navy Yankees Herringbone Hat

A classic, revised. Todd Snyder’s baseball caps are made from British lambswool but keep the same shape as a standard 59Fifty fitted cap.
Buy Now: $78

Shift Wylie Hose Reel

Even the tools that hold the tools should prove their worth. The Shift Wylie Hose Reel artistically elevates whatever space it’s kept in — and stores a hose like nobody’s business to boot.
Buy Now: $78

Twelve South Fermata Headphone Charging Stand

All quality headphones deserve a throne. Or a perch. Or just something that keeps it off the desk. This headphone stand does all that and more. By having a built-in charging cable, it can hold and charge wireless headphones at the same time.
Buy Now: $80

LIFX Z Starter Kit i-Fi Smart LED Light Strip

A simple adddition to any bookcase or small space, the LIFX Z Starter Kit is easy to install and has adjustable settings to dial in the right color for the right space.
Buy Now: $80

Field ISO Organizer

Welded from heavy-gauge cold rolled steel, this organizer weighs in at a hefty six pounds. It’s a unique piece that can organize a wide array of paper, notebooks and print material.
Buy Now: $80

Aer Sling Bag 2

A big, easy-access front-loading pocket, a ventilated shoe compartment and an exterior made from ballistic nylon are just a few reasons why Aer’s sling could replace your standard gym duffel.
Buy Now: $80

Nintendo SNES Classic

The SNES Classic is admittedly a hot-ticket item — chances are you’re not going to be able to buy at Best Buy or Amazon for its MSRP ($80). But you can find in the $120-range on Amazon or eBay if you look hard enough.
Buy Now: $80

RBT Ice Bucket

This is one handsome ice bucket. Made with insulating double-walls and an acacia wood lid that rests on its side, this bucket will store up to 80 fluid ounces.
Buy Now: $80

Pioneer Savant iPad Air and iPad Pro 9.7 Case

The iPad is one of the globetrotter’s greatest companions. It’s also one of the most expensive. Protect it with Pioneer’s Savant case, a coat of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene armor that’s over ten times stronger than steel. Inside, a mesh lining provides a snug fit, and a flip-top closure keeps your iPad secure while in transit.
Buy Now: $80

LifeProof FRE Series iPhone 8 Case

A fragile smartphone has no place in a busy workspace, but it’s not like anyone is going to leave theirs behind. The LifeProof FRE is sealed from snow, ice, dirt and dust particles, plus it’s drop-proof from up to 6.5-feet.
Buy Now: $81

Yield Design 8 Inch Aluminum Planter

A lightweight planter that’s the perfect size for a range of house plants. It features a one-inch reservoir at the base, which can be used as either a self-water mechanism or a drainage area.
Buy Now: $84

Red Wing Heritage Card Holder

There’s nothing worse than an overloaded wallet in the back pocket on a long drive. The Red Wing Heritage Card Holder is a simple solution made from beautiful veg-tanned leather.
Buy Now: $85

Inventery Mechanical Pen

Machined from a single brass rod, this pen is made for connoisseurs. It features an all-brass click mechanism by Schmidt, a black oxide treatment and a Schmidt P8126 Rollerball.
Buy Now: $90

Naked Nutrition Vanilla Whey Protein

Naked Nutrition has simplified fitness nutrition by using only three ingredients in its protein powder: grass-fed whey, natural vanilla and organic coconut sugar. No artificial additives, no bullshit.
Buy Now: $90

Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition

The latest edition to the Forza Motorsport library. With around 670 cars to choose from, the franchise may have outdone itself this time around.
Buy Now: $90

Stile Ducati: A Visual History of Ducati Design

Ducati has made absolutely stunningly beautiful motorcycles for the better part a century; Stile Ducati captures those works in equally stunning images and breaks down the evolution of Ducati design in 19 steps. It’s an essential for any motor head’s coffee table.
Buy Now: $90

L’Atelier du Vin The Oeno Box Wine Opener

A modernized version of the traditional corkscrew, this wine opener is both beautiful and functional. With a solid-walnut wood accent on the handle, it’s sure to turn heads when you bring out your favorite vintage.
Buy Now: $90

Leatherman Wave

As far as multi-tools go, the Leatherman Wave is the most legendary and iconic. It has everything from needle-nose and regular pliers, wire cutters and strippers to plain and serrated knives, saw, spring-action scissors and bottle openers, plus a few more.
Buy Now: $90

XD Fitness Kevlar Medicine Ball

XD Fitness built its medicine balls to take a heavy beating. They’re constructed with DuPont Kevlar — a material which is also used in body armor and happens to provide excellent grip — that’s been cut into sections designed to resist impact.
Buy Now: $95+

Outerknown Traveler Chino

An exceptionally versatile pair of pants for the man on the go. Made from 8-ounce organic cotton “Z” twill, the pants have a straight leg and medium rise, and feature an incredibly soft micro-sand finish. They’re comfortable enough to wear both running through airports and sitting for hours in economy seats, but look good enough to wear in most professional settings.
Buy Now: $95

Allbirds Wool Loungers

On long flights and quick layovers, comfort is paramount. These minimalist slip-ons are made of superfine Merino wool, a highly breathable fiber that regulates temperature, wicks moisture and minimizes odor with zero itch. They’re so soft you can wear ’em sockless. The best part: after you’ve logged a few thousand miles, simply throw them in the washer and they’ll be good as new.
Buy Now: $95

Proof Nomad Pant

Adventurers don’t wear chinos. They wear technical chinos — pants that stretch four ways, repel liquids, resist stains, and boast a number of invisible pockets for things other than just your wallet. That’s the Nomad Pant.
Buy Now: $98

Momentum Watches Torpedo Blast 44 Nylon

Selected as Outside magazine’s Gear of Year 2017, the Torpedo Blast is a do-it-all field watch at a price point far below its competitors. Made by hand and rigorously tested in Vancouver, Canada, the Torpedo Blast is built to dive, bike, wakeboard, paddle, climb, hike, ski — anything and everything that’s outside, it’s a worthy competitor.
Buy Now: $99

Tenkara Rod Co. Landing Net

The DIYer can definitely appreciate the fact that Tenkara Rod Co. makes its own fly rods. Now the company makes their own nets out of lightweight carbon fiber and clear rubber nets.
Buy Now: $99

Pioneer Rayz Rally

When paired with an iPhone, hosting conference calls couldn’t be easier: this speaker improves the clarity and loudness of the conference call both for the speaker and listener. It also supports pass-through charging, allowing whomever is using it to also charge their iPhone at the same time.
Buy Now: $99

Timex Fairfield Chronograph

A good everyday watch should serve as a wardrobe accoutrement, not an overpowering showpiece, which is what makes the refreshingly reserved Fairfield Chronograph an ideal option. Despite boasting a chronograph function, the dial remains a clean-cut look that complements the watch’s sleek round case. A perforated tan leather strap is merely the bow on top of this classy, Bauhaus-inspired package.
Buy Now: $99

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