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Xbox One X

This is the most powerful gaming console ever. If they play a lot of Xbox One and have a 4K HDR TV, the Xbox One X is not only what they want, but what they need.
Buy Now: $500

Trey Jones Studios Cube Frame Planter

The terracotta pot, elevated. Literally. A modernist ash frame suspends — and draws attention to — an Italian-made terrocatta planter in mid air, while a drip tray keeps the floor beneath it nice and tidy.
Buy Now: $550

Ratio Eight Dark Cobalt Coffee Maker

A sharp-looking coffee maker that’s hand-assembled and tested in Oregon. It features a strong 1600-watt heating element and the carafe holds a Chemex paper filter or a Able Kone stainless steel filter.
Buy Now: $595

Garmin Fenix 5 Watch

It’s a sport watch, running watch, activity tracker, outdoor watch and lifestyle watch, all in one. It’ll track cycling, running, swimming and a whole host of other activities with a GPS, altimeter and a top-class heart rate sensor.
Buy Now: $600

Apple 10.5-Inch iPad Pro

This is the best iPad Pro to date. It’s super fast and powerful. It has a phenomenal high-resolution display. And it even has a darn good camera (about the same as on the iPhone 7). Don’t say it too loud, but it may be able to replace a laptop.
Buy Now: $649

Grado GH2 Headphones with Cocobolo Wood

For 64 years, Grado has been handcrafting some of the world’s finest headphones in a small, family-run Brooklyn shop. Among its most distinguished headphone models is the GH2, which is now being offered with cocobolo wood, a rare South American wood prized for its acoustics.
Buy Now: $650

TCL 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku TV

If you’re trying to buy a TV that’ll bring you into 2017 (and beyond), you want it to be a 4K HDR TV. Compared to your current HD TV, a 4K TV has four times the number of pixels, meaning a much more detailed picture. And HDR, or high dynamic range, means those pixels have better color contrast: darker blacks and more vibrant colors. This is probably the best budget 4K HDR TV you can buy.
Buy Now: $650

Alpine iLX-107

The first wireless Apple CarPlay receiver, the iLX-107 brings all of the convenience and features of your smartphone to the dash of your car. You shouldn’t have to upgrade to a completely new car just join everyone in the 21st century.
Buy Now: $699

All-Clad LTD 10-Piece Cookware Set

When it launched 35 years ago, the LTD Collection was noted for its radical versatility, marked by a thick, conductive aluminum core and stainless steel interior to facilitate browning and searing. Now it’s back by popular demand.
Buy Now: $700

GoPro Fusion 360-degree Action Camera

Virtual reality, three hundred and sixty degree footage and built-in image stabilization; it all adds up to the first action camera by GoPro that’s a true foray into a new method of cinematography — and not just an iteration — and it looks damn good.
Buy Now: $700

Ashley Watson Eversholt Jacket

Waxed canvas, brushed wool, waterproof, comfortable and has removable D30 pads for legitimate on-road protection —- ingredients for a long-lasting, versatile motorcycle jacket.
Buy Now: $700

Sego Big Horn 96 Skis

It’s unsurprising that a ski company based in the Tetons would figure out how to put together an all-mountain ski that truly goes anywhere. The Big Horn 96 is a playful, poplar core twin with equal amounts of rocker in both the tip and tail — it turns and it floats, and it doesn’t care what coast you live on.
Buy Now: $719

Private White V.C. Track Cotton Ventile Ripstop Raincoat

Made with water-resistant waxed cotton and finished with copper hardware, the Track Waxed-Cotton Jacket is a stylish all-purpose garment built to log thousands of miles. It also has a comfortable fleece lining, courduory collar, two hand-warmer pockets and six quick-access pockets placed throughout. All of its materials are sourced locally in Europe; the jacket itself is handmade entirely by craftsman in Manchester, England.
Buy Now: $775

Herman Miller Aeron Remasterd Chair

An office stalwart for more than 20 years, Herman Miller’s Aeron is lauded for its superior ergonomics. It also boasts a fantastic design that would look great in stay-at-home dad’s office, while improving his posture.
Buy Now: $780

The Leesa Mattress

With shorter days and longer nights ahead, you may soon be very well acquainted with your mattress. Maybe you’re thinking about the last time you replaced it. You may not even remember what it’s like to have a truly restorative sleep. The Leesa Mattress, designed for all body shapes and sleeping styles, utilizes three layers of premium foam for cooling, contour and pressure relief. Get $125 off and a free pillow with your purchase now through Black Friday.
Buy Now: $790+

Molekule Air Purifier

Molekule’s dual-filtration system include a Pre-Filter and a Nano-filter and it has the ability to replace the air in a 600 square foot room once an hour. It’s also WiFi enabled and easy controlled remotely using an app.
Buy Now: $799

Lego Millennium Falcon Ultimate Collectors Edition

Even adults can appreciate a good Lego project. Throw in the fact that it’s of the most iconic spaceship ever, real or fantasy, and this gift is a no brainer.
Buy Now: $800

Ezra Arthur Straight Razor

There are few DIY tools more persona and manual than a classic razor.
Buy Now: $895

OpenDesk Lift Standing Desk

Don’t be constricted by desks that aren’t at the right height for you. This desk can be adjusted from sitting to bar to standing in just one minute. Plus, the simple design will complement a range of aesthetics.
Buy Now: $900

Tumi 19 Degree Aluminum International Carry-On

If you travel much for work, you should bite the bullet and invest in a quality carry-on. It doesn’t get much better than this aluminum option from Tumi, which holds up to 32 liters and weighs in at 11 pounds.
Buy Now: $995

Astell & Kern Kann

This is one of the best-sounding portable hi-fi music players on the market and also one of the most versatile. It has SD and MicroSD card slots, USB-C and Micro USB for fast charging and 2.5mm and 3.5mm outputs. It also has aptX HD Bluetooth support, allowing you to stream Tidal’s high-res files to high-end headphones and speakers. If they’re an audiophile, they’ll be blown away by this.
Buy Now: $999

All-Clad Prep&Cook

Having the Prep&Cook in your kitchen is like having another person there to do all the prep cook. The first cooking food processor to reach the United States, it’s an all-in-one device works as a blender, a slow cooker, a steamer and a food processor.
Buy Now: $999

Gubi Matégot Bar Cart

Designed in the ‘50s by Mathieu Matégot, this bar cart is made from powder-coated steel tubing with perforated metal trays and metal casters. It’s produced to the designer’s specification in Denmark by the respected brand Gubi.
Buy Now: $999

Woo Audio WA7 Fireflies (2nd Gen) Headphone Amp

Elevate their daily listening experience with a high-quality headphone amp. This one by Woo boasts a full DAC and vacuum tube design, and it supports 24-bit high resolution audio. It also is probably the most beautiful desktop candy you can buy.
Buy Now: $999

Fujifilm X-E3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Fujifilm somehow managed to squeeze its most powerful sensor into this ridiculously tiny body. Don’t even bother with Fujifilm’s X-Pro2, which released about a year ago; the X-E3 is basically just as powerful, but smaller. This particular bundle comes with a 23mm f/2 lens that’s perfect for simple travel photography.
Buy Now: $1,150

Dell UltraSharp 38 Curved Monitor

This ultra-nice monitor is the perfect blend of size (it’s huge) and resolution (it’s beautiful). Yes, it’s curved. And it also is decked out with enough inputs to connect any of your devices, including a USB Type-C port for a MacBook Pro.
Buy Now: $1169

Samsung The Frame 4K TV (43-inch)

Samsung’s The Frame TV is a reminder that the future is here. It’s super thin and very good 4K TV that looks like a picture handing on the wall. When not watching TV, it can display high-resolution art or photos they’ve taken themselves.
Buy Now: $1,300

Farer Lander GMT

The Lander GMT is one of the most affordable mechanical GMTs you can buy. It has a 39.5mm case, a bronze crown and a selection of retro dial designs that mimic the look of mid-century tool watches. And, of course, being a GMT watch, it’s able to track two time zones at once.
Buy Now: $1,425

Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable

The Marantz TT-15S1 is a new turntable that produces a sound from a different age. To top things off, it’s also a fantastic piece of machinery.
Buy Now: $1,499

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Most professional laptops get sized up against Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro — rightfully so. The Surface Book 2 is faster, more powerful and boasts a better battery life. It’s also a 2-in-1 laptop with a touchscreen, which the Apple alternative isn’t. If they’re switching over (or staying with PC), this is a creative force to be reckoned with.
Buy Now: $1,499

Plum Wine

An opened bottle of wine has a relatively short shelf life before it’s relegated to cooking-wine status or turns into, essentially, fancy vinegar fit only for the drain. Plum automatically identifies any bottle from a cloud database, perfectly preserves it and keeps it at the serving temperature it was intended for, all without actually opening it.
Buy Now: $1,499

Shinola Bookshelf Speakers

These bookshelf speakers are handcrafted and engineered by Shinola’s audio team. They’re high-end and minimalist-designed, and will make for a great companion for the above turntable. (Or any turntable, really.)
Buy Now: $1,500

Artifox Standing Desk 02

A handsome desk that also stifles desktop clutter. It’s made from walnut and steel and features a built-in dock for electronic devices, a cable grid, and is compatible with tons of add-on desktop organizers from Artifox.
Buy Now: $1590

Everdure HUB Charcoal Grill

The Everdure HUB won a Red Dot award in 2017 for its fantastic design, but it also happens to be a beast of a grill. Itts ignition system features an electric element that can get charcoal to the perfect temperature in about ten minutes, and a built-in rotisserie pops out to accommodate anything from chickens to suckling pigs.
Buy Now: $1,988

Uniti Atom by Naim Audio

The Uniti Atom is beautifully futuristic. It has a full-color LCD front display and the wonderful tactile dial that Naim is known for. It supports Google Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Internet radio and Tidal, so it’ll work for just about anybody. And it sounds great. In its review, What Hi-Fi gave it five out of five stars. Just remember, this all-in-one music player needs to be paired with speakers to actually work.
Buy Now: $2,999

Eero Home WiFi System

So many of the gadgets we love and use every day are dependent on wi-fi. If home wi-fi signal sucks, it has a negative ripple effect on everything else. This system of hubs and beacons is the answer to all that.
Buy Now: $306

Leica Q Silver

The Leica Q has been one of our favorites since it came out. A full frame sensor and an excellent fixed 28mm f/1.7 lens means it’s mighty and a footprint the size of a smartphone means it’s compact enough to fit in a coat pocket. The perfect camera for new adventures.
Buy Now: $4,495

Apple iMac Pro

The iMac Pro isn’t out just yet, but it will be; Apple promised it’ll start shipping in December 2017. It has a ridiculously powerful processor, a ridiculously powerful graphics card and a ridiculously beautiful 5K display. It’s a juggernaut of a desktop.
Buy Now: $5,000

TAG Heuer Autavia

TAG Heuer has brought back a favorite chrornograph from the ’60s and ’70s. The company asked its fans to chose from a handful of references in order to decide which design to actually bring back. You’re looking at the result.
Buy Now: $5,150

Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc 9.0 Aero

After years of rumors and anticipation, the German bicycle brand Canyon finally brought its bikes to the US this year. But cyclists won’t have to fight tooth and nail to get their hands on one — they ship direct to consumer and are essentially fully-built.
Buy Now: $7,300

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