When it comes to holiday shopping, there are a million different ways you can approach it. Maybe you want to find the best deals and go from there. On the other hand, it’s just as reasonable to try and hone in on the hobbies and interest of your loved ones in order to get an idea. Or maybe, you’re just trying to find something great that sits in a specific price range. If that is the case, you’re in luck. We have here over 100-holiday gifts for men arranged by price. Take a look through and see if you can’t come up with something great. And if not? Head to our Holiday Gift Guide and browse away.

Under $25

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Gear Patrol Field Guide: American Craft Beer

This survey of the country’s leading breweries will not only give you an overview of the macro trend of micro brewing, but it will give you some solid options of new brews to try and places to visit.
Buy Now: $9

Duke Cannon Heavy Duty Hand Soap

For tough, dirty jobs you need an even tougher way of cleaning up. Duke Cannon Heavy Duty Hand Soap is formulated with Steel cut grains of pummice for max grippability and a deep, deep clean.
Buy Now: $9

The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% in Squalane

This solution featuring Granactive Retinoid is an essential addition to any skincare regimine. It slows signs of aging, but doesn’t cause any of the irritation or drawbacks of products featuring regular retinoid.
Buy Now: $10

Filson Oil Finish Wax

Need to rewax oil-finish garments? No need to send things off to a specialist — re-wax your jacket or pants with Filson Oil Finish Wax at home.
Buy Now: $10

Fine Mesh Strainer

This is a necessity when making drinks with freshly juiced citrus or muddled ingredients. No home bar should be without one, and for $10, it’s a no-brainer.
Buy Now: $10

Good To-Go Dehydrated Meals

There aren’t many dehydrated meal companies that can claim a famous New York City chef as a founder. Each Good To-Go meal is concocted from healthy, pronounceable ingredients and can be prepared right in the pouch it comes in.
Buy Now: $10

Movie Pass

Going to the movie theater can be is expensive. One ticket, plus a drink and a popcorn puts you in the $30 range — that’s insane. Movie pass is a $10/month payment, just like Netflix or Spotify, and lets you go see one movie per day in participating movie theaters as often as you want. Too good to be true? No, that’s Movie Pass.
Buy Now: $10/mo

Iron & Air Magazine

A beautiful, artistic and, most importantly, unfiltered view into the world of motorcycles — all at your fingerips.
Buy Now: $10

Arvin Goods Casual Sock

An everyday way to treat his feet. Arvin Goods’ socks are thin, soft and feature subtle stripes that add a dose of personality. They’re made from up-cycled cotton and recycled polyester, so they’re environmentally responsible, too.
Buy Now: $12

Peak Ice Works Crushed Ice Tray

Don’t have an industrial-sized crushed ice maker? This ice tray will make enough crushed ice to fill a single serving beverage. Its lid also functions as a funnel to guide the ice into your glass.
Buy Now: $12

Craft Cocktail Syrups Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Made from demerara cane sugar and aromatic bitters, this simple cocktail syrup will help you craft the perfect old fashioned in less time.
Buy Now: $12

Studio Neat’s Apple TV Remote Dock

This bespoke stand is crafted in Texas out of walnut wood. It’s simple, but serves an important purpose: hopefully preventing your giftee from misplacing their Apple TV remote beneath a cushion.
Buy Now: $15

The Hudson Standard Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub

Add some variety to your bar this season with this strawberry rhubarb shrub from The Hudson Standard. Mix it with rum or bourbon, or add it to a light cocktail for something more refreshing.
Buy Now: $15

SprayTec 9 Pattern Hose Nozzle Sprayer

More than just your average hose nozzle, the SprayTec was built to last and stand up to years of careless drops and drags across the driveway, yet be comfortable in the hand. Nine different spray patterns allows the driver to customize the way they wash a car.
Buy Now: $17

Hawthorne Cocktail Strainer

This Hawthorne strainer should be in every serious bartender’s toolkit. It was designed to reduce hand stress and be comfortable, while not sacrificing durability.
Buy Now: $17

By the Smoke and the Smell

San Francisco-based bartender Thad Vogler has made a name for himself championing small-batch artisan spirits. In this book he chronicles his travels across the world in search of the best spirits.
Buy Now: $18

Stance Five Bridges Crew

Beneath a stylish and unique print the Five Bridges have everything you could ever want in a sock: reinforced heels and toes, reflective accents, mesh vents and an articulated footbed.
Buy Now: $18

Wildsam Field Guides

A perfect, pocket-sized travel guide with 145 pages of stories from locals, in-depth travel intel and a bit of lore sprinkled in for entertainment. Choose from Austin, Brooklyn, Charlseton, Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, San Antonio and San Francisco.
Buy Now: $18

Verb Sea Shampoo

This new shampoo from Verb, which includes actual sea water and sea salt in its list of ingredients, achieves that jostled, textured look while leaving your hair feeling soft and clean.
Buy Now: $18

Humangear GoToob 3-Pack

Rather than buy an arm-full of travel-sized shampoos and conditioners and face cleansers, fill up a GoToob with whatever’s already in your shower. They’re made of soft, squeezable silicone, and are carry-on approved.
Buy Now: $19

The Chef and the Slow Cooker

There’s more to the slow cooker than set-it-and-forget-it convenience — it can unlock a myriad of flavors. In that spirit, James Beard Award-winning chef Hugh Acheson’s tome on crock-pot cooking is filled to the brim with recipes for bone broths, delicious braised meats and so much more.
Buy Now: $19

Tidal Subscription

If they’re an audiophile, Tidal is the music streaming subscription they need. It’s more expensive, sure, but it streams lossless music files — the highest quality stream they can get. And now that Tidal has been around for a while, its music catalogue has over 40 million tracks.
Buy Now: $20/mo

Grovemade Wool Felt Coaster Set

Made from 3mm-thick virgin Merino wool felt, these coasters will find a welcome home no matter where they’re used. They’re durable, versatile and eco-friendly.
Buy Now: $20

Jason Markk Travel Shoe Cleaning Kit

Jason Markk’s cleaning prodicts have been a godsend to sneakerheads wanting to keep their beloved kicks factory fresh. This new travel kit from the brand packs all the cleaning essentials — cleaning solution, a brush and quick wipes — in a TSA-friendly kit for sneaker freaks on the fly.
Buy Now: $20

Gear Patrol Magazine Issue Five

Appropriate for the coffee table or the international flight, our latest print edition is packed with feature interviews exploring the world of products. From handmade hiking boots and chefs knives to German watches and Japanese clothing, this is a fun read for anyone.
Buy Now: $20

Postalco A5 Notebook

Water-resistant starch-pressed cotton is bonded to the cover of this Japanese-made notebook. Over time, the color will fade and the fabric’s texture will become more visible.
Buy Now: $20

Le Labo Hand Soap

This soap has a scent that evokes the scent of Japanese hinoki trees. It’s infused with Sea Buckthorn (an antioxidant) and soothing Rosemary leaf, and is also free from parabens, phthalates and artificial colors.
Buy Now: $22

Gordy’s Fine Brine

This brine is perfect for adding to martinis, Bloody Marys and margaritas. It’s a mix of salty and tangy with a hint of sweet, and it’s also vegan friendly — everyone wins.
Buy Now: $22

Wasatch Outdoors Survival Laces 2.0

Demand more from your boot laces. Demand them to be made from military grade 550 paracord. Demand them to conceal a ferro rod, tinder and a length of fishing line. You’ll be glad you did, should shit ever hit the fan.
Buy Now: $24

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

One unfortunate side effect of long flights is an unclean face. It’s almost as if the air in the main cabin deposits a thin layer of grime on your skin. The remedy? These individually-wrapped bamboo face wipes, infused with 30 all-natural ingredients: aloe, birch sap, willow bark, witch hazel, orange, lavender, fir and more. They hydrate, tone, condition and soothe.
Buy Now: $24

The Carry On Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

With this kit, you’ll be able to craft two Hot Toddies mid-flight. It contains cinnamon sticks, lemon packets and ginger syrup. Ask for hot water, and add your favorite spirit.
Buy Now: $24

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