Mott & Bow packs over 30 years of denim expertise

The Denim Brand Operating a Family-Owned Facility

December 14, 2018 Briefings By

Alejandro Chahin has spent most of his life with denim. His family started a denim manufacturing facility in Honduras, where he grew up, and at a young age he began mastering every process that goes into the art of making jeans. Eventually making his way to New York City, Chahin sought to deliver premium jeans at a fair price and thus created Mott & Bow.

Every pair of Mott & Bow jeans has over 30 years of denim expertise in them. The family-owned facility controls the entire manufacturing process and this leads to better quality, elimination of waste and ultimately better pricing. Mott & Bow has also brought this same approach to other items like cashmere sweaters, long sleeve tees, oxford shirts and more, proving premium and affordable can go together.