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KEF’s Excellent Bookshelf Speakers Are Almost 50% Off

January 3, 2019 Deals By

KEF released its Q150 bookshelf speakers ($550) last year, in 2017, and they’re the next-evolution of the companies revered Q100 bookshelf speakers ($550). There are a couple big differences. The bass port has been moved to the back of the Q150s and their cabinet has a new rugged finish to help minimize distortion. Also, the new speakers now have the same Uni-Q driver array as the company’s high-end LS50 ($999) and LS50 Wireless ($1,999) speaker systems. As for sound, that’s going to make these really dynamic bookshelf speakers with a broad soundstage, rich midrange and highs, as well as punchy bass.

The bottom line is that the KEF Q150 are really nice passive bookshelf speakers, especially for the price. They’re ideal for anybody looking for speakers to hook up to their stereo or AV receiver. Remember, these are passive speakers so you can stream to them (although there are ways around that, as you can connect them to a streaming amplifier such as a Sonos Connect:Amp). If you’re looking for more Ryan Waniata of Digital Trends wrote: “One of the best pairs of speakers we’ve heard at their price point, the Q150 are yet another brilliant feat of engineering to add to KEF’s storied audio canon.”

Maybe the best part about them is that Amazon is now offering them for almost half off. The normally $550 bookshelf speakers are going for just $300 – that’s $250 off. The caveat is that only the black models are on sale. If you want white speakers, you’ll have to pay full price.

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