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This New Recovery Tool Could Be Key to Keeping Your Resolution

When we talked to trainers about the one piece of gear they always pack when traveling, the majority of them listed something that had to do with recovery. The biggest names in the recovery game are TheraGun and HyperIce, both brands make handheld massagers, built to reduce pain and improve mobility. Today, TheraGun launched the G3PRO, starting the New Year with a quiet bang.

While the Theragun G2PRO boasts an incredible array of attachments, two speeds, a movable head and impressive battery life, the sound of the machine was quite loud. The new G3PRO improves on the previous iteration and offers 50 percent less noise. While we haven’t tested the noise level head to head with the Hypervolt, the TheraGun G3PRO still has all of our favorite features from the G2PRO. The founder of the TheraGun, Jason Wersland, D.C. created the TheraGun after he had to deal with a herniated disc and back pain following a motorcycle accident. Thus began his journey with percussive massage therapy, or essentially vibration massage therapy.

“The main driving force was that I didn’t want it to look like a power tool or blender or anything. I wanted it to have its own look and noise. Everything else started coming together around those two things,” Wersland says.

The new G3PRO, which is the third iteration of the TherGun, has attachments that are “soft and smooth” with the same impact but they aren’t silicone — they won’t get caught on team jerseys or clothes. There are six different attachments designed for personal and professional use. In designing the G3PRO, TheraGun opted to use all new materials, including stainless steel. And the handle was designed purely by feel — “I wanted this to feel like a fingerprint, so when we created it, they sent me a bunch of materials and I would close my eyes and feel it,” says Wersland. You can order a new model online today for $599, the same price as the G2PRO.

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