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January 15, 2019 Tech By

We’re naturally wary of products we see on Kickstarter because they don’t always pan out. That said, the concept for this new portable laptop stand by MOFT is too cool to ignore. It’s designed to be invisible. Yes, “invisible.” When carrying the laptop, the stand rests flush against the bottom — promising to barely feel as though it’s there — but the stand folds out to position the keyboard in a more ergonomic manner. It’s super neat.

If you’re like me, you use your laptop for everything and when everywhere and you’re left using the laptop’s own trackpad and keyboard — which sucks. Typing on a laptop that rests flat puts added pressure on your neck, back and hands, and that can be uncomfortable at best. However, this clever laptop stand promises to fix all that. And it does so without adding really any kind of bulk to the laptop, which is ideal for globetrotters or people who never seem to be working at their desk.

The nifty laptop stand has a couple convenient tricks up its sleeve. It features two elevation settings — 15 and 25 degrees — so you can adjust the height to whichever you find more convenient for your sitting posture. And the stand uses removable glue to stick to the bottom of your laptop, so you can attach and detach it without leaving any kind of mark, or attach it to another laptop.

Again, this is a Kickstarter project so we can’t confirm that it’ll actually become an official project. But we can hope so. The MOFT laptop stand can be backed right now, starting at just $19.

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