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The Easiest Way to Double Your iPhone’s Battery Life

January 16, 2019 Tech By

At CES last week, Mophie, an industry leader in smartphone accessories, announced its new and improved battery cases for all the latest iPhones. Called the Juice Pack Access, the cases have a 2,200mAh battery and can wireless charge, meaning you can stick them right on your charging pad and it’ll charge both the case and the iPhone. The neat thing is that they leave the Lightning port exposed so users can still use their wired, Lighting headphones. Mophie’s new cases cost $120 and will be available sometime in a few weeks.

That said, Mophie’s battery cases face some serious competition because Apple just announced its own battery cases for the latest iPhones — called the Smart Battery Case — and not only are they basically the same price as Mophie’s offerings (Apple is selling them for $129), but they’re available right now. Apple’s newest cases are made of silicone and come in either black or white colors.

The cases support wireless charging, as well as fast charging with USB-PD compatible chargers, so you don’t have to change your charging habits if you’ve already committed to the Qi lifestyle. Apple’s website doesn’t specify the mAh capacity of its Smart Battery Cases, but it does tell how many total hours of talk time, internet use and video playback you’ll get with its new cases — essentially the Smart Battery Cases doubles everything.

The advantages of Apple’s newest battery cases are simple. First, convenience. When you’re buying any of the newest iPhones, either online or at an Apple Store, you can quickly and easily add a Smart Battery Case to your cart. It’s convenient. And two, the silicone feels a little softer than other battery cases out there. Aside from that, most of these battery cases will add another level of ruggedness and drop-protection. The downside with Apple’s new cases is that they’re only available in two colors — Mophie has a bunch of options — and they’re also slightly more expensive.

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