Q Acoustics Concept 300 Speakers

These Beautiful, Audiophile Speakers Are Every Architects’ Dream

February 1, 2019 Tech By

Q Acoustics is best known for its affordable bookshelf speakers. Its pride and joy are the Concept 20s, which, in the “under $500” category, are arguably the best-sounding bookshelf speakers you can buy. They’re fantastic. Then comes the 3020i and 3010i, which are great if you’re looking for bookshelf speakers under $300. Of course, the British audio company dabbles in audiophile-grade speakers and soundbars, too, and that’s exactly what the company is adding to today: meet the Concept 300 stand-mounted speakers.

The Concept 300s are kind of a hybrid, cheaper and dialed-back version of the company’s award-winning Concept 500 floorstanding speakers. They’re smaller, obviously, not reaching all the way down to the floor, but aside from that, they have pretty similar drivers and acoustics. You probably won’t get the same levels of bass, naturally, but the Concept 300 could promise to sound even better the Concept 500 floorstanding speakers thanks to some innovative design technology.

First and most obviously, there’s the “Tensegrity tripod stand” that comes with each speaker and adds a bit of industrial design that the floorstanding speakers definitely lack. The proprietary stand is actually part of a meticulously designed suspension system, consisting of aluminum rods and thin stainless-steel cables, that eliminates distortion in a way that its floorstanding speakers cannot. According to the company, the outcome “is a low surface area that eliminates radiating sound and reflections for a purer sonic performance.”

Then there’s the cabinet and driver. The Concept 300 has the same “Dual Gelcore” cabinet construction and internal point-to-point bracing technology that’s in the Concept 500 floorstanding speakers, which, again, is all designed to stifle high-frequency vibrations and help the speakers sound perform even better. At a private demo, yesterday, I got a chance to listen to the Concept 300 speakers and, well, they’re impressive — both the look at and listen to. The stereo separation is fantastic, as you’d expect, and the clarity of live tracks, by Bruce Springsteen and James Vincent McMorrow, was brilliant.

Naturally, at $4,500 for the whole shebang, these are speakers that you need hear to really believe — and you should hear them before committing to them. They’re beautiful and different, and, in many ways, they’re an achievement of both industrial design and sound. According to Q Acoustics, the Concept 300 is “the most audio advanced loudspeaker” that its ever made.

The Q Acoustics Concept 300 loudspeakers will be available this March. They’ll come in three dual-finishes: gloss black/rosewood, gloss white/oak and silver/ebony.

Key Specs

Enclosure type: 2-way reflex
Frequency Response: 55 Hz – 30 kHz
Impedance: 6 ohms (Nominal); 4.7 ohms (minimum)
Sensitivity: 84 dB/W/m
Stereo Amplifier Power: 25-200 W
Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz
Weight: 32.4 pounds (per speaker)

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