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12 Foolproof Food Ideas to Win Super Bowl Sunday

February 3, 2019 Home By

For as much as the Super Bowl hangs on anticipation and uncertainty, there isn’t a lot about the de-facto national holiday left up in the air — least of all the food.

Generally speaking, you can bet on a few staples: chips, guac, beer and lots of carby finger food. But there are still plenty of angles you can take with kickoff classics — a different take on guacamole or something more involved, such as roasted potatoes with duck fat and parmesan. Here are a few ideas of what to eat and drink, with some gear recommendations for good measure.

One-Pot Sticky Wings to Carry You through Football Season (and Beyond)

From Andrew Zimmern, the indomitable palate behind Bizarre Foods, we bring you our go-to sticky wings recipe for Super Bowl Sunday. (Stack of napkins not included.)

The Best Everyday Hot Sauces, According to Pro Chefs

As dumb as it sounds, hot sauce loyalty is a thing. We asked professional chefs what their favorite market variety hot sauces are, and things got heated. Find out which of the following is best to douse your wings while watching the Patriots go head to head with the Rams.

You Should Be Making Your Own Queso Dip For the Super Bowl

Thinking about buying pre-made cheese dip? Don’t. Instead, check out this recipe for Austin-style, crowd-pleasing queso from Lisa Fain’s QUESO! cookbook, topped with guacamole and served with sturdy chips. It may be easier to just buy some, but this is a Super Bowl food idea that’s surprisingly easy and, most importantly, totally winning when it comes to flavor.

How to Make Truly Great Guacamole

Avocados are just a piece of the puzzle. Great guac is the harmonious blend of different flavors and textures. Discover the perfect blend in time for Sunday by checking out this recipe from Gonzalo Guzmán, the chef and owner of San Francisco’s much-loved restaurant Nopalito.

Make These Baked Beans from Scratch and You’ll Never Look Back

Rooting for the Patriots? This recipe from chef Hugh Acheson’s cookbook The Chef and the Slow Cooker is perfect for those looking for a hands-off recipe for Boston-style baked beans. A Rams fan? You’re still going to want to make this. Maybe just don’t tell your friends they’re Boston-style.

A Superior Way to Make Roasted Potatoes

When it comes to serving up good finger food to guests, it’s never a bad call to order some fries. A better call, though, is roasting some of your own potatoes with this recipe from Marte Marie Forseberg’s The Cottage Kitchen. No matter how the game goes, you can at least be proud of these duck fat and parmesan topped morsels.

20 Great American Lagers Not Named Budweiser

Not as big on IPAs? There are more easy-drinking lagers out there than just those from mega-brewers. For sessionable drinking on game day, our go-to list ranges from pilsners to amber lagers and everything in between.

9 Delicious IPAs You Can Buy at Your Local Grocery Store

Whether you are trying to balance out your spicy wings, celebrate a touchdown or take the edge off a ridiculous call – having a good IPA on hand is always a good idea. These nine are tasty, reliable and easy to find (and they won’t cost an arm and a leg to stock your fridge with).

8 Bottle Openers That Won’t Let You Down

Bottlescrew, cap opener, church key or just ‘bottle opener’, no matter what you call it the best way to open a beer is with by grabbing the closest tool at hand. Unless, of course, it doesn’t actually work. Here are some options that won’t let you down.

The 10 Best Mail-Order Meat Companies in America

Mail-order meat companies used to be all talk. Nowadays, some of the best butchers and meat producers in the country are in on the game. Take a look through some of the best and you may just find something you can get in time for the big game.

The 6 Best Grills to Buy if You Live in a Small Apartment or House

Even if you’re a city-bound football fand like many of us here at Gear Patrol, you don’t have to give up on grilling on Super Bowl Sunday. In this guide to small space grilling, we cover what you need to know before buying, and the six best compact grills to buy.

PKTX Folding Grill Review: This Is the Best Low-Maintenance Charcoal Grill You Can Buy Today

For those who are more fortunate in the square-footage department, you may want to consider this amazing charcoal grill. PK’s grills were designed almost 70 years ago and continue to outcook the competition. The brand’s newest grill promises all the virtues of the original and then some.

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