Valentine's Day 2019

The 13 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

February 7, 2019 Buying Guides By Photo by Chandler Bondurant

There are so many ways to approach Valentine’s Day. You could go practical or you could choose something just for fun. You could splurge on something luxurious. Or, you could make it thoughtful with something personal and intimate. Whichever direction you take—we know you don’t have a lot of time— so we put this gift guide together to make Valentine’s Day just a little bit better.

Jack Mason Racing Chronograph 40mm

The Jack Mason Racing Chronograph combines classic Americana influences with a contemporary design to honor both time and speed. The 40mm yellow gold 316L stainless steel case pairs well with the white, two-eye chronograph dial for a mid-century sports car aesthetic. Placed on the black Italian leather strap further enhances the heritage feel the Jack Mason Racing Chronograph embodies. All of this makes this timepiece a go-to gift for any watch enthusiast.

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Hudson Made Dopp Bag

Everything from Hudson Made is produced in small batches right here in New York, using materials and processes that give this simple dopp kit a soulful, tactile feel. It might sound like a small thing, but if you’ve ever pulled toiletries out of a gallon-sized plastic bag (or a cheap nylon-vinyl deal that came with a cologne purchase), you know why this is so appealing.

Montblanc Legend Cologne

This masculine fragrance takes a lot of the typical essences — tobacco, sandalwood, cedar and bergamot — and adds a few signature touches, like pineapple leaf and tonka beans, for a smooth final scent that stands out in a good way.

Aesop The Familiar Horizon Kit

Packed in a sleek zip-top amenities case, these small bottles include hygiene essentials for keeping everything fresh. These are definite hotel stay must-haves.

Mahabis Classic 2 Slippers

Slippers are just one of those things you don’t tend to buy yourself — they’re a luxury that are always better to get as a gift from someone who cares about keeping your feet warm. Mahabis are constructed from felted lambswool for a warm, antimicrobial and stink-resistant upper, plus rubber soles in case you need something for grabbing the mail or taking out the trash.

Patagonia Snap-T Fleece

This cozy classic fleece from Patagonia needs little introduction; it’s a wardrobe staple for stylish people everywhere, and there’s a color or pattern combination for everyone.

Anker Soundcore Space NC

At less than one-third the price of top tier options from Sony and Bose, these are a great piece of gear to have for anyone with a noisy commute, a loud office, or just a stronger-than-usual penchant for not being disturbed.

Commes Des Garçons Converse Sneakers

Out of all the great sneakers that have come from Converse brand collaborations, this one might be the most lovable — and it’s definitely the most V-Day appropriate.

Hestra Wakayama Casual Gloves

Hestra makes some of the best gloves you can buy, and these are modeled after a discontinued Hestra glove that a Japanese importer convinced the brand to start making again. Perfect for chilly morning commutes or winter nights on the town, these beautifully-made gloves will outlive you if you take proper care of them.

Polaroid Instant Camera

Whether your Valentine is a seasoned photographer or not, anyone can grasp the immediate joy of a Polaroid camera. Point, shoot, get back to the moment.

Miansai Dove Necklace

Men and jewelry get along in fits and starts, but the young jewelry brand Miansai creates high-quality modern pieces that can match just about any style. You can even add a monogram for an extra-personal touch.

MAC 8″ Chef Knife

For the budding home chef, a serious kitchen knife is a welcome addition to the arsenal. This pro-level option from Japanese maker MAC holds a wicked edge, and the textured blade design keeps thin veggie slices from adhering to the blade.

Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle

Fellow’s Stagg electric kettle is designed with pour-over coffee in mind and preferred by most professionals for its consistency, ergonomics and obvious good looks. It would be tough for any coffee lover (or tea lover) to not love one of these.

Valentine’s Day Ideas 2019

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