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Your Next Investment Portfolio? Collectible Whiskey

February 14, 2019 Drinks By

In case you haven’t heard, investing in bottles of Scotch is a real thing (booze is even publicly traded). And with final auction prices going through the roof, it’s starting to sound a lot less ridiculous.

In its yearly review of Scotch whisky collecting and investment trends, Rare Whisky 101 reported the average value of an auctioned bottle spiked 63 percent from the previous year, while auctioning more than 25 percent more booze. But apart from the continuing trend of old Scotch pulling in mountains of cash, the site also crowned Bowmore as the most investment-friendly Scotch maker in the world, dethroning Macallan and skipping four spots up the site’s investment rankings.

For the uninitiated, Rare Whisky 101 mines UK scotch auctions and builds tables and graphs for the serious whiskey collector — price trend indices, distiller-specific collectibility rankings, standout bottles and various future-forecasting reports. Bowmore claiming the top spot for investment-grade whisky comes down to a three-part equation: increase in the value of all bottles, the highest average price of all bottles and the overall highest price for a single bottle auctioned off.

Its gains are attributed to a flurry of high-profile releases of its legendary sherry cask-finished Black Bowmore line. Distilled in 1964 and first bottled in 1993, bottles of Black retailed for £80 — or about $179 USD.

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