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One of the Most Iconic Sneakers Just Got an Invisible Upgrade

February 22, 2019 Style By

The Vans Era sneaker has always been a function-oriented shoe. First developed at the request of two legendary skateboarders Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, its simple look has persisted since the mid-1970s. But it hasn’t remained unchanged. As consumer taste (and competitor technology) have shifted, so too have the materials Vans uses in their classic sneaker.

Just this week Vans announced a brand new material they’re rolling out in their Era sneakers dubbed comfycush. The material is billed as being both incredibly soft and supportive. Think a high-end foam mattress for your foot. Right now the material is only available in three different styles of the Era sneaker, but it’ll likely make its way to other well-loved silhouettes soon enough.

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