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These New Compression Socks Are Worth Testing If You Get Sore Easily

March 11, 2019 Sports and Outdoors By

CEP makes some of the best compression socks available, and they just updated their best-selling model. The CEP Compression 3.0 sock features graduated compression to help runners, cyclists and general athletes recover faster. Each pair of socks comes backed by third-party testing, and many studies that show wearing compression socks can help increase your blood circulation. After a workout, the blood pumping throughout your system slows down (just like your heart rate lowers when it’s no longer working hard to keep up with you) and socks and sleeves can prolong the pumping of blood to your muscles. The excess can potentially help rid your system of the lactate and bring healing nutrients to the torn muscle fibers, which is what makes you sore.

CEP re-designed its popular compression sock in a low, ankle, calf and high sock with 16 different yarns to make it feel smoother and more comfortable. I always pack a pair of high compression socks for long plane rides in addition to throwing them on after a high mileage week. Some of my favorite running socks are CEP’s short and low cut socks. While the compression benefits aren’t as high, these short stacks hold up in the wash and on your ankles.

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