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The 10 Most Overlooked Cars in America Last Year

March 28, 2019 Cars By

When the tastes of the average car buyer evolve, entire segments and styles of cars can take a hit while others swell in popularity. America’s current obsession: large SUVs and mid-sized crossovers, far removed from the years that saw sedans and wagons flying off dealership lots.

According to a report from USA Today that lists the slowest selling cars of last year based on data from Kelley Blue Book, it’s clear just how unpopular some cars are, especially sedans.

When manufacturers determine the number of cars to allocate to specific dealerships, they factor in the regions’ preferences, the assumed popularity of the car and how quickly they think the dealership can sell them. If all goes well, some vehicles will only be on the lot for a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, with the average car only staying put for around a month.

If manufacturers guess wrong, months can go by — or in the case of the Mitsubishi Lancer in the number one spot, possibly years — it was discontinued in 2017 and dealers are still trying to get rid of them. Looking at the rest of the list, however, it doesn’t look good for luxury sedans and small cars. Maybe, in a few years, preferences will shift again, but for now, these are 10 of the slowest selling cars in America last year

10. Audi A7

Average time spent the lot: 143.6 days
Sales in 2018: 3,852

9. Fiat 500L

Average time spent the lot: 146.2 days
Sales in 2018: 1,413

8. Jaguar XJ

Average time spent the lot: 146.3 days
Sales in 2018: 1,579

7. Chevrolet Impala

Average time spent the lot: 147.7 days
Sales in 2018: 56,556

6. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Average time spent the lot: 156.1 days
Sales in 2018: 47,936

5. Chrysler 200

Average time spent the lot: 157.6 days
Sales in 2018: 1,043

4. Fiat 500

Average time spent the lot: 160.3 days
Sales in 2018: 5,370

3. Volvo 60 Series

Average time spent the lot: 177.9 days
Sales in 2018: 11,876

2. Volkswagen Touareg

Average time spent the lot: 194.1 days
Sales in 2018: 2,022

1. Mitsubishi Lancer

Average time spent the lot: 195.3
Sales in 2018: 3,351

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