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A good helmet is a crucial piece of commuter kit, whether you’re cruising on a Citi bike or pedaling your personal two-wheeled pegasus. But when you get where you’re going, lugging it around can be a pain. Clip it to the outside of your pack? No go. That look went out in middle school. Conceal it neatly in your messenger bag? Fat chance. There’s no way you’re getting it in with all your other essentials, no matter what commuter bag you’re rocking. So what do you do with that life-saving, space-sucking piece of head armor? The product wizards at Priority Bicycles say, fold it.

What Is Priority Bicycles?

Priority has been making commuter-friendly bikes since their meteoric kickstarter campaign in 2014 which birthed what is now dubbed the Priority Classic. Since then, Priority has rolled out seven different models, including an e-bike called theEmbark. With ‘no-maintenance’ belt drives, comfy seats and oodles of convenient accessories, Priority’s line has made commuting easier and more enjoyable. Read the results of our month-long test of Priority’s ‘no-maintenance’ model, the Neverflat.

Building a Better Helmet

With the bike sorted, Priority applied its philosophy to the bicycle helmet, seeking to build one that would better meet the needs of the modern commuter. The result was the 174Hudson Stack, a unique folding helmet that offers all the protection of a standard unit but is easier to stow and carry when not in use.
174Hudson Stack Helmet

Small on Size, Big on Safety

Most importantly, the collapsible design doesn’t shortchange on safety, either. Having passed rigorous testing in both the EU and the United States, the helmet is fully certified. When donned properly, the three tiers of the 174Hudson Stack lock into place. In this configuration it forms a constant barrier between your head and an impact surface at all angles.

A Helmet For Every Head

When folded, the 174Hudson Stack helmet is almost 50% smaller than when it is expanded, and at 330 grams, it’s also lightweight. The 174Hudson Stack has sleek front air vents and an adjustable chin strap, making it comfortable, and with two sizes, it accommodates a wide range of head dimensions. Further, it comes in four sharp colors, so it will fit your style too.

Conquer your commute with the new 174Hudson Stack folding helmet from Priority Bicycles, now available in the Gear Patrol Store.

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