The 2018 Models Bought and Sold Within One Year

If You Want a Deal On a New Luxury Car, Start With These

April 4, 2019 Cars By

It doesn’t take a well-thought-out, intensive Google search to see how expensive brand-new luxury cars are today. With full-sized sedans like the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes C-Class cresting $60,000 with certain trims and options, it could explain why the used car market is booming right now. But if you’re on the market for a new car and want something modern (not everyone likes classic cars), released a study you can use as a cheat sheet to get deals on one-year-old luxury cars.

The study shows the cars most likely to be returned within one year of ownership, and the ones that top the list are luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean the cars are bad, car buyers or lesses in this segment tend to stick with what’s cutting edge, the newest of the new. The quick turnaround, however, works out insanely well for anyone shopping on the secondhand market.

Even with such low mileage, and barely being one-year-old, depreciation hits luxury cars reasonably hard. lists the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3-Series, Land Rover Discovery Sport and the Range Rover Evoque as the cars most likely to be returned within a year and even though they’re not brand-new you can find 2018 model-year examples of each of those $10,000-$20,000 under their original MSRP. So if you want a luxury car, have a desire to save a heap of cash and don’t mind an already slightly broken-in driver’s seat, this list is the right place to start shopping.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Percentage Resold Within a Year: 12.4%

BMW 3-Series

Percentage Resold Within a Year: 11.8%

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Percentage Resold Within a Year: 11.8%

Land Rover Evoque

Percentage Resold Within a Year: 10.9%
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