Reader Survey: What Are the Best Weed Accessories?

April 12, 2019 Editorial & Opinion By Photo by MARCUS NILSSON

As legalization spreads and stigmas deteriorate, pot is slowly becoming something people can socialize about publically. Normal people who live normal lives are smoking, vaping and ingesting cannabis. Be cool about it.

But cannabis, sort of like coffee, is a gear-intensive hobby. That’s where you, GP reader, come in. What are your favorite weed accessories? There’s glass, grinders, rolling paper, tinctures, supplements, edibles, lotions and more to consider, and within those categories lie products that run the gamut of price and prestige. Which specific products are the best? What’s underrated? Why?

Participating is simple: take this survey, wait and we’ll post the best answers we get next week. Give us your picks and a reason why they’re great and you’re good to go.

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