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This First Aid Kit Addition Could Save You a Trip to the Hospital

April 16, 2019 Briefings By

Whether you’re heading into the outdoors for an excursion or just staying prepared at home, the proper essentials in a first aid kit are crucial. One addition every first aid kit could use is the ZipStitch Laceration Kit, a medical bandage that adheres with enough force allowing you to forgo stitches. This wound closure device allows anyone to effectively treat minor cuts in seconds, potentially saving you a trip to the hospital. Using four zip ties made of medical-grade polymer, ZipStitch distributes a pulling force uniformly across either side of an adhesive base for precise control of closing a wound up to 1.5 inches long. Considering a trip to the ER or the hospital for stitches can be costly, it’s a no-brainer to stock your first aid kit with a ZipStitch or two.