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This Affordable New Knife Looks Custom-Made

If any knife company is proving that the words “Made in China” etched into a blade can be a good thing, it’s We Knife Co. The China-based knifemaker uses high-grade materials and works with well-known designers to create unique patterns. Even its wallet-friendly sub-brand, Civini, captures the company’s premium ethos. Case in point: the recently announced Plethiros knife.

Civivi worked with the designer Elijah Isham to create the Plethiros, a folding knife with a 3.45-inch drop-point blade. It uses D2 steel for the blade and G10 for the handles, both of which are cheap — though still reliable — materials that would bring the overall price of any knife down (the Plethiros costs $75). Note that the handle also includes an overlay of carbon fiber, a material that’s typical of high-end builds.

But what’s really striking about the Plethiros is how well it preserves Isham’s style. The use of various materials, the sharp angles within them and the somewhat-offset blade are all hallmarks of his, and they help make the knife feel unique and futuristic. In other words, they give it a look you might expect from a custom model. If Civivi produces more knives like this, it’ll continue to bolster the reputation of Chinese knife making that We Knife Co. and others have started.


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