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One of Our Favorite Radar Detectors Is Cheaper Than Ever Right Now

July 16, 2019 Cars By

If you’re not driving with a radar detector affixed to your car’s windshield, you’re one of two things: a slowpoke, or a fool. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the former; if you consider speed limit signs to be worthy of the same respect Antonin Scalia gave the founders’ interpretation of the Constitution, then obviously, your risk of getting a speeding ticket is effectively nil. But if you, like many of us, enjoy pushing your speedometer past the blocky letters on those rectangular signs from time to time, you really owe it to yourself to grab a radar detector. One or two speeding tickets you don’t receive, and it’s effectively paid for itself.

And much like motorcycle helmets, if you’re going to spring for a detector, it only makes sense to spend a little extra on a quality product. The Escort Max360 is one of our favorites, delivering not just unparalleled 360-degree detection (it consistently picks up police-favored Ka band radar well before the cop broadcasting it is even visible) and uses GPS to teach itself to ignore false alarms, but also warns you to speed and red light cameras via the Escort Live database. And while it normally sells for $500, right now, it costs $450 on Amazon. And, of course, you can even get free shipping with your Amazon Prime account and have it in your hands in time for this weekend’s driving fun. Happy Prime Day, folks.

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Will Sabel Courtney is Gear Patrol’s Motoring Editor, formerly of The Drive and RIDES Magazine. You can often find him test-driving new cars in New York City, cursing the slow-moving traffic surrounding him.

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