Ready to pay $30 a month for email?

$30 a Month for Email? This Company Thinks It’s Worth It

August 4, 2019 Tech By
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There are plenty of things to not like about email that applications like Slack and Google Inbox have tried to solve. Now a new, very exclusive email app called “Superhuman” is starting to turn heads in Silicon Valley, boasting an in-depth application process and, most notable of all, a $30-per-month pricetag.

Recently reviewed by The New York Times, the Superhuman email app has a bunch of email features that are handy but not especially groundbreaking, including the ability to “undo” sent emails, call up LinkedIn information for the people who you’re emailing with and insert pre-written responses to messages in your inbox. What few really novel features the app has, like detecting when an email is an introduction and automatically moving the original sender to bcc when you respond, sound like legitimate if minor quality of life improvements.

What’s most unique about Superhuman though, appears to be its business model. At the sky-high price of $30 per month, it’s outlandishly expensive but you can’t just sign up. According to The New York Times, getting onboard involves a lengthy application process and mandatory video conference tutorial. But, despite that friction, founder Rahul Vohra claims there is a waiting list some 180,000 people long.

From the outside looking in, it’s impossible to say whether the app’s growing popularity is due to actual usefulness, exclusivity and hype or simply a cultural appetite for something, anything, that can make email just a little bit less of a drag. If you’re willing to pony up the cash and spend some time in line, you can request access to try and find out for yourself.

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