A First with Timeless Luxury Watches

The Oris Limited Edition Divers Sixty-Five Is an Olive Dream

August 20, 2019 Sponsored By

In a first-time collaboration, Oris teamed up with Timeless Luxury Watches for a custom watch. The special edition Divers Sixty-Five has a wrist-friendly 40mm case and a vintage look you’d expect. It also has hints of bronze throughout the design and a new deep olive dial that stands out just the right amount. The watch’s bezel really shines, with only a faint overhang on the case — making it easy to grab onto — and a noticeably domed sapphire crystal giving the watch a unique silhouette. As far as how to strap one on, the Divers Sixty-Five comes with a leather option and an exclusive tropic rubber band with quick release. Be sure to pre-order the Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition while you can.

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