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These Are a Great Outdoorsman’s Favorite Boots

September 7, 2019 Style By

Over the past three decades, Wyman Meinzer has worn Russell Moccasin Co. boots exclusively in the field. He bought his first pair in 1987, a decade before he was named the official State Photographer of Texas. Instead of buying a stock model, he custom ordered a hard-wearing Wisconsin-made boot designed to stand up to the rugged terrain. “Here in West Texas we have a lot of lechuguilla and, of course, cacti, and then if you’re in any other part of the state, it’s a lot of cacti,” he told us. “So I like the fact that these boots resisted some of the thorns that I would often get in my shins and my calves when I was wearing boots with lower tops.”

Recently, Russell Moccasin Co. decided to offer Meinzer’s boot in its catalog for other outdoorsmen to purchase. The Wyman Boot — based on the Mountain climber style — is made from red maple oil tan leather and features a 15-inch shaft, double-vamp construction, treated oak leather midsoles with turkey wedges and Vibram Sierra soles. The boot also has a Poron slip sole for extra cushion and a turtleskin slip sole to prevent thorn punctures. “Here in Texas in the Badlands, or over in the West Texas Mountains, I do a lot of climbing,” Meinzer said. “You have a tendency to break boots over if you don’t have a mountain climber because this particular style of boot has a steel shank in the heel which prevents that move from occurring.”

The boots are secured with 10 eyelets and quick lacing studs on the shaft. “What I think will be a real plus is they have reduced the army quick lace studs from eight to a side to six to each side,” Meinzer said. “I believe that this will reduce the amount of ‘slip outs’ when trudging through acacia and briars.”

Priced at $578, the Wyman boots are custom made to your exact foot measurements. Field-tested for decades, this style is guaranteed to deliver protection and comfort for years to come. “The thing is they’re just very comfortable,” Meinzer said. “Once I got them and started wearing them, they fit me like a glove and I just stayed with them all these years.”

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Wyman Meinzer is an acclaimed photographer and outdoorsman. For over three decades he has worn Russell Moccasin Co. boots. Here’s why. Read the Story

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