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ZipStitch Brings Your Wounds Together to Heal on the Move

September 19, 2019 Briefings By

If you plan on getting outside this Autumn on the trail, for some team sports or even if you’re just active in the kitchen, it is good insurance to have ZipStitch nearby. ZipStitch’s innovative laceration kit lets you treat minor cuts with Emergency Room technology when you can’t get to an ER to get stitched up. It’s the most advanced wound closure device available without your doctor’s involvement — better than butterfly bandages and strips. All you have to do is place the ZipStitch over your wound with its strong adhesive — designed to last two weeks — and pull the four zip-ties designed to close the wound. With the ZipStitch you can continue your outdoor activities with less interruption and avoid the hassle and out-of-pocket costs of going to the emergency room. Right now you can get 10% off your order from ZipStitch with the code Gear10

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