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This Famous Whisky Maker Is Getting Absolutely Roasted on Twitter

October 5, 2019 Drinks By
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Innovation is hard. In order to really build something new and useful, one has to have a tolerance for mistakes. The hope is that at the end of the day people pay more attention to the hits than the misses. Twitter, being pitiless, doesn’t. And given that The Glenlivet has announced a pre-mixed cocktail in what look like edible Tide Pods, we kinda get it.

Whatever you think about this new concoction from The Glenlivet, the fact of the matter is the maker is among the best out there and currently ranks among our list of the Best Scotch Whisky of 2019 – Tide Pod-inspired cocktails withstanding.

See below what carnage Twitter hath wrought.

The Counterpoint

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