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Tile’s Newest Bluetooth Tracker Is Actually a Tiny Sticker

October 12, 2019 Tech By

Tile just announced a new tracking tag but it’s not the square-shaped (like the Mate and Pro) or credit-card-shaped (like the Slim) fobs you might be familiar with. The just-announced Tile Sticker ($40) is a waterproof adhesive that’s designed to stick to basically anything that can’t fit on a keychain — like a camera, laptop, bike, TV remote or portable battery — and, yes, help keep track of it. Tile claims that the Sticker, which is its smallest tracker ever, has a 3-year battery life and a 150-foot Bluetooth range. It’s available in black and costs at $40 for a 2-pack or $60 for a 4-pack.

Tile also updated its existing Bluetooth fobs. The updated Mate and Pro tags both have longer Bluetooth ranges, from 200 to 400 feet, while the updated Slim also has a longer Bluetooth range (now 200 feet), a louder ring and a 3-year battery life. The updated Tile Slim ($30) and the updated Tile Mate ($25) are available in black, while the updated Tile Pro ($35) is available in either black or white.

This introduction of a brand-new product, one that adds a fair bit of versatility to the Tile family, comes on the crest of rumors that Apple may potentially “kill” company by announcing an item-tracker of its own; many predicted that Apple would release something called the Apple Tag at the most recent iPhone launch this past September, which would integrate seamlessly with the Find My app, but it hasn’t come to fruition just yet. Still, code inside Apple’s own iOS 13 suggests that it’s still likely to happen sooner or late.

With the introduction of Sticker, it looks like Tile is taking a stand – the company doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

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