These Simple Vintage Watches Are Perfect for Fall Weather

October 25, 2019 Watches By
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Cold weather calls for layering, or at least long sleeves and jackets. This, of course, can put a damper on your enjoyment of the bigger, bolder watches of summer that don’t fit easily under sleeves. The fall and winter months are for enjoying watches in a different way — like that moment of reveal when you slide up your cuff. Furthermore, relatively delicate, dressy watches will be protected under garments, so you’ll worry about them less. The three below are fine examples of watches that will fit the bill in the cooler months ahead.

Cyma Calatrava 6640

What We Like: Besides having a beautiful, classic look with a black gilt dial, this Cyma “Calatrava” was unusually large for its time. Dating to the 1940s, its diameter of 38mm would have been considered positively huge. This size, however, is perfect for the tastes of many modern watch wearers, and still restrained enough to easily tuck under a cuff.

From the Seller: The watch was just serviced by our watchmaker, remains in excellent running condition, and is keeping accurate time.

Rolex Precision

What We Like: One of the most understated vintage Rolex references available, this simple Precision shows a side of the brand’s history that’s often forgotten. That crown logo, however, is always worth something, in part because of the excellent quality it promises. From around 1968, it’s got that midcentury Mad Men cool to it, and at 34mm, it’s still in modern masculine territory but won’t bulge beneath a sweater.

From the Seller: The case is in great condition overall showing normal wear consistent with age and use and no sign of polish.


What We Like: This is another 38mm watch from the 1940s that would have been considered large for the time — to the extent that collectors today sometimes term such pieces “oversized,” even though they’re on the smaller side for current trends. It’s hard to find many watches combining the genuine history and character of this era that also wear the way modern watches do — one reason these examples tend to cost a bit more than examples with smaller diameters.

From the Seller: In excellent vintage condition, with an unpolished case and very attractive dial.

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