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Bollinger Is Making the Electric SUV You Want, But It’s Not Cheap

October 27, 2019 Cars By
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Back in September, Bollinger Motors revealed the production-ready models of the electric B1 SUV and B2 Truck, but the new carmaker didn’t reveal how much those rides will cost. Today, Bollinger confirmed the pricing on those trucks — and they won’t come cheap. The MSRP for both the truck and the SUV will start at $125,000. Even factoring in the federal EV tax credit of $7,500, that’s still a lot of money.

To put it in context for the electric vehicle world, that price will be more than $50,000 more than Rivian’s base prices for its R1S SUV and R1T truck. It’s also about $20,000 more than the Tesla Model X’s upper-level Performance trim.

Why so expensive? Craftsmanship factors into that price; Bollinger is hand-assembling these trucks. But much of the reason for it is that battery technology remains costly, and the B1 and B2 need a massive 120-kWh battery — far larger than anything Tesla, Porsche or Jaguar uses — to get an acceptable 200-mile range.

As Robert Bollinger has noted before, Bollinger Motors is creating a niche product tailored to a specific vision. With neither airbags nor a fifth seat, they aren’t aiming for the mainstream family market. Think of the B1 and B2 as an electric alternative for the person dropping six figures on a restored Land Rover Defender— albeit an alternative with nearly 700 lb-ft of instant-on torque.

Bollinger plans to begin production in 2020 for deliveries starting in 2021. You can visit this link to make a $1,000 refundable deposit for your EV off-roader today, though.

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