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TRX’s Weird New Foam Roller Is Borderline Sadistic, and That’s Kind of the Point

If any fitness product is ripe for reinvention, it’s the foam roller. And while we were excited that TRX, a brand that has successfully reinvented home fitness, was tackling the challenge, we were initially mystified/horrified by the result. With its spiky, medieval-looking edges, the TRX Rocker appears borderline sadistic. Then we tried it out — and realized that’s exactly what makes it work so well.

See, with a lot of foam rollers, you have to really press hard to get that deep myofascial tissue release. Not so with the Rocker. While it does have low-intensity and medium-intensity zones for relaxation and semi-deep release, respectively, the truly standout feature is that pointy high-intensity zone.

Rock into such hard-to-target areas as the hamstrings, quads and calves with that section, and it’s like turning a Swedish massage into a deep-tissue session. The brand describes the effect as “hyper-focused muscle release,” and the site features a bevy of videos showing how to maximize it. All we know is that our calves feel positively glorious right now.

The Rocker comes in two sizes (13″ for $50; 26″ for $70) and just launched this week.

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