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This Affordable, Automatic Timex Watch May Be the Brand’s Best Yet

November 24, 2019 Watches By

According to the brand, the new S1 Giorgio Galli Automatic watch is “the most ‘Timex’ Timex ever,” and we don’t disagree — given its specs and finishing, the value-to-price ratio is impressive, and that indeed is very “Timex.” The brand’s design director Giorgio Galli, who has given his name to the watch, apparently had carte blanche to make exactly what he wanted to, and it shows in a range of thoughtful details that only an experienced, watch-obsessed designer could have emphasized.

Brand DNA is evident in a straightforward, legible dial, but the relatively complex case architecture is somewhat unexpected. At 41mm wide, it’s further nicely finished in a way that watch enthusiasts accustomed to the likes of luxury watches will appreciate, reflecting the designer’s background. Even the soft rubber strap was made to match the case’s skeletonized look, and the watch includes a tiny brush for cleaning its various nooks and crevices.

The dial is clean and simple but its curved edges give welcome texture. In reference to the tradition of denoting the movement’s number of jewels above the 6 o’clock marker, the dial features an actual movement jewel, adding a subtle touch of color. Visible through a display window on the reverse side is the Miyota 9039 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve, a Japanese movement considered more premium than Timex has typically used in its automatic watches.

Timex has steadily expanded its range of mechanical watches, but it says that the S1 Giorgio Galli marks the beginning of a series with “higher aim and more advanced focus than ever before.” It’s a strong beginning, for sure — handsome, affordable given its specs, and refined. Available from the brand now, the Timex S1 Giorgio Galli Automatic has a price of $450.

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