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5 Affordable 4K TVs We Hope Get Even Cheaper This Black Friday

November 26, 2019 Tech By

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In the past, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been traditionally good days to buy a new TV. The time is ripe, considering the holiday and the fact that most TV manufacturers are gearing up to announced their 2020 models, so if you’re in the market you should keep a keen eye out. We’ve rounded up some of favorite 4K TVs below. All are LCD-lit LED TVs, not OLED, because they’re more affordable and great for most people. All are 2019 models.

2019 M-Series Quantum by Vizio Learn More

2019 P-Series Quantum by Vizio Learn More

2019 6-Series by TCL Learn More


2019 5-Series by TCL Learn More

2019 UHD 4K TV by LG Learn More

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