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Staff Picks: What Gear Patrol Editors Are Asking for This Year

December 21, 2019 Buying Guides By
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Every year, we writers, editors and other content creators here at Gear Patrol lay our hands on thousands of new products of all sizes, prices, shapes and colors. We test, experience and play with many of the hottest, most desired consumer items in the world, to see how they fit into our lives in order to tell you how well they might fit into yours. If it’s part of any of the categories you see at the top of this website, odds are good we’ve spent time with it.

Not surprisingly, this makes us rather hard to shop for.

So in order to both streamline the gift-giving process for our friends and loved ones and provide our loyal readers with a window into our minds this holiday season, we’ve pulled together a list of the items that we’re all hoping to find wrapped up and handed to us this year. If you’re shopping for a loyal Gear Patrol reader, odds are good you’ll find something they’ll like here, too.

1. East Fork Breakfast Bowl

Price: $22
From: eastfork.com

“I got a cat over the summer and am upgrading his starter-kit essentials (i.e. feeding bowls) to be more #lifestyle. I’ve been eyeing these small bowls from East Fork since we wrote about the company in Gear Patrol Magazine: Issue 11. At $22, they’re a bit too expensive to rationalize on my own dime — but they’d make for one helluva gift.” — Jack Seemer

2. MasterCard Gift Cards

Price: $29+
From: amazon.com

“Most of the things that I want — a new laptop, a camera lens — are too expensive to ask my family to get for me. But I have no shortage of experiences on my list: a meal at a new restaurant in my neighborhood, a day or two of skiing on my local mountain, a mid-week trip to my favorite bakery that’s not in my budget. With these things in mind, a boring old gift card becomes the perfect present.” — Tanner Bowden

3. Homecho Wine Rack

Price: $35
From: amazon.com

“My very modest wine collection (if you can call it that) is currently stored upright on a shelf in my living room. This affordable wine rack seems like a more elegant solution; it stores the wine at an angle, the way you’re evidently supposed to, in order to keep the corks moist.” — Oren Hartov

4. Sagely Naturals Relief & Recovery Cream

Price: $36
From: sagely.com

“I’ve tried a few different CBD relief and recovery creams, but none of them have the lasting relief power of this one from Sagely Naturals. It utilizes broad-spectrum CBD along with a cooling peppermint that helps aches and pains melt away. They’ve also formulated it to be non-greasy, so that’s never an issue either.” — Ryan Brower

5. Adidas Hoops 2.0

Price: $42
From: amazon.com

“I’m a huge fan of Adidas’s Stan Smith line — so much so that I’ve walked through the soles of the ones I received two years ago for the holidays. I recently spotted these on my cousin and loved how much they looked like Stan Smiths but weren’t the exact same.” — Meg Lappe

Gear Patrol Magazine Subscription

Price: $39
From: store.gearpatrol.com

Gear Patrol Magazine is a deep dive into product culture. Inside each issue, you’ll find seasonal buying guides, rich maker profiles and long-form dispatches from the front lines of product design. Get four print magazines — delivered quarterly — with an annual subscription.

6. Crossrope Get Lean

Price: $88
From: amazon.com

“After the $4 jump rope I was using snapped and hit a fellow gym-goer (who was startled but uninjured and cool about it), I feel it might be time to invest more in the hobby. Crossrope was recommended to me by someone who in the know after I told them that story.” — Zen Love

7. Blundstone Men’s Dress Chelsea Boots

Price: $145+
From: amazon.com

“Blundstone boots are a Gear Patrol favorite. These ankle boots make formal wear easier with the great Blundstone slip-on.” — Andrew Siceloff

8. Danner Forest Heights II

Price: $174
From: amazon.com

“One of my colleagues, Joe, has these boots, and I like them. I’d like to think I could wear them better than he does, too. — Tucker Bowe

9. Dainese Scout 2 Gore-Tex Gloves

Price: $190
From: revzilla.com

“I’d love to be able to ride my bike in cooler, wetter weather, and as much as I enjoy my Revival Cycles leather gloves, they aren’t exactly the warmest mitts. Meanwhile, these Dainese beauties feature not only waterproof-breathable Gore-Tex but also Primaloft insulation, enabling me to motor around without freezing my damn fingers off. Plus, like most things Dainese, they look pretty sweet too.” — Steve Mazzucchi

10. Leopold FC660C Keyboard

Price: $300
From: amazon.com

“I own a lot of keyboards. By any reasonable measure, too many. But the Leopold FC660C is one I do not yet own and is currently the chief among my various, rotating obsessions. With rare, expensive and unique “Topre” switches mounted to its internal metal frame, it has a distinctively satisfying snap to each keypress that I’ve come to truly long for after foolishly buying a different keyboard instead.” — Eric Limer

11. Kikuichi Nickel Damascus Santoku

Price: $240
From: amazon.com

“I don’t work in a kitchen that demands practicality, so I don’t mind a knife designed outside of the pragmatic-but-pretty-boring box that is stainless steel. I also like things that tell their own story (or at least have a story I can tell). This multilayered carbon steel knife was made by a bladesmithing house in Japan’s Nara Prefecture that, around 750 years ago, made swords for the Emperor. My partner won’t get me a sword, so a kitchen knife will have to do.” — Will Price

12. Apple AirPods Pro

Price: $249
From: amazon.com

“I got the original AirPods a year and a half ago, but I haven’t used them as much as I thought I would. The sound quality isn’t much better than the EarPods I have floating around, and while I’ve long grown used to wired headphones in my pocket, the dental floss-sized case of the AirPods pushed my EDC load just past the point of comfort. They juuuuust weren’t worth the effort. Add in intelligent noise cancellation and a better-fitting form factor, though, and the whole calculus changes.” — Will Sabel Courtney

13. R.M. Williams Yard Boot 365

Price: $345
From: rmwilliams.com

“I already have a pair of great lace-up boots, but sometimes they take a while to actually lace up. The R.M. Williams Yard Boot 365 are a reinterpretation of the Australian brand’s Gardener boot, designed by Marc Newson to be appropriate for formal occasions as much as they would be appropriate for actual yard work.” — Tyler Chin

14. 1960-Era Plia Folding Chairs by Giancarlo Piretti

Price: $900 (set of 4)
From: etsy.com

“For me, 2019 was a year of moving into and furnishing my first real apartment, sans roommates. It’s been four months of nonstop researching and endless waiting on delivery guys. So now that it’s all basically over, it’d be nice to have a couple people over and just hang out. Guess I’ll need some extra chairs.” — Henry Phillips

15. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Price: $349
From: amazon.com

“I have noise in my life that needs to be filtered. Apple helpfully removed the standard headphone jack from all of my devices. I would lose AirPods within the first week of ownership.” — Tyler Duffy

16. Arpenteur x Paraboot Grain Leather Cambriole

Price: $489
From: endclothing.com

“These shoes fulfill my predilection for senior style. Chunky Paraboots with ghillie lacing are bound to get the thumbs-up from grandpa.” — Gerald Ortiz

17. PRS Silver Sky Electric Guitar

Price: $2,299
From: guitarcenter.com

I reviewed this guitar when it first came out and I can’t stop thinking about it. Its tone is precise and bell-like, its neck is super playable — and now, it comes in this rad ‘Moc Sand’ color.” — John Zientek

18. Omega Seamaster Professional Automatic

Price: $2,499
From: amazon.com

“Assuming it’s far too gratuitous to ask for a Lexus LC 500, a mid-Nineties-vintage Seamaster Professional Automatic is my somewhat-less-gratuitous wish-list gift. Ever since this particular Seamaster Professional reference (2531.80) caught my eye 20-something years ago, I’ve dreamed of having one on my wrist. I love its classic look: deep blue dial and face, tasteful mix of textures and overall simplicity. In fact, I own a much more affordable diver in a very similar spec; I consider it a very fine placeholder until my Omega comes along. Though I’m just as likely to go diving as I am to get one in my stocking this year, one way or another there’s a Seamaster Professional in my future.” — Nick Caruso

Oru Kayak Beach LT

Price: $1,299
From: store.gearpatrol.com

The Beach LT kayak uses origami to unfold from a compact box, into a high-performance kayak. Unfolding only takes a few minutes — no pumps, tools or roof racks required. In the water, it’s sturdy, durable, agile and fast — it paddles like a molded hardshell kayak, minus half the weight. With a large cockpit and stable 28-inch beam, it’s perfect for day trips, picnics, fishing, and casual fun with friends and family.

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