Getting out and running, or taking on a gnarly hike, has never been more popular — or more specialized. Every piece of kit you pull on or equip yourself with has been optimized for your best performance — shouldn’t your watch be too? Whether in the mountains or in the city, outdoor enthusiasts can now track their activities on their AlpinerX watch and companion app. This smart-looking and tech-forward offering from the well-known Geneva-based watchmaker is a truly pioneering timepiece. Crafted from fiberglass, the 45mm case is crammed full of features we couldn’t wait to dig into. Here is a look at some of the AlpinerX features worth looking at closer.

1. Five sensors to do it all: Built for the true outdoorsman, the AlpinerX features ways to keep track of your altitude, a barometer, compass, connected GPS, UV indicator and temperature in any atmosphere so you have all the info you need at the length of your arm.

2. The best of analog and digital: While this timepiece does much more than just keep time, Alpina stuck to its roots, featuring an analog dial and digital screen, so you can access all your vitals while still looking at the time.

3. Get even more connected: The AlpinerX also connects to your smartphone via its own app, which allows you to receive calls and message notifications and even enable a world timer. You can also connect the timepiece to the AlpinerX heart rate monitoring belt for even more real-time data.

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