The Biggest Outlaw of Them All

To Hell With the Purists. This AWD Porsche 356 Is Badass

December 30, 2019 Cars By Photo by Emory Motorsports

Rod Emory is no stranger to kickback from the world of Porsche purists, but what do you expect of a resto-mod operation named Outlaw Porsche? Emory’s calling card is building hot-rodded outlaw Porsches, which are updated, non-numbers matching, not-period-correct 356s. His outfit has been well-known globally, but he just upped the ante. The Emory Motorsports 356 C4S is a 1956 356C with underpinnings from an AWD 911 form the ’90s. It’s dubbed the “AllRad.”

To the naked, untrained eye, Emory’s creations aren’t discernable from an original Porsche 356, but therein lies the beauty of an Emory Motorsports Porsche — each is a vintage body with modernity bubbling underneath. The AWD 356 C4S tips the scales at a Miata-taunting 2,150 lbs and comes packing a 200bhp Emory-Rothsport four-cylinder engine which in this case sends power to all four corners.

The AllRad doesn’t stop there, however. Emory likes to make his builds everyday-driving-friendly. Steel rims wrapped in off-road tires and a roof rack bolted up top help make this a surprisingly useful classic sports car. Want to tackle a few fire service roads? You’re covered. Going up to the mountains for a ski weekend? No problem.

For now, the AllRad is a one-off, but if you have the means, I’m sure Emory would happily oblige to build a sister car AWD 356 C4S.

Riding Shotgun With the Man Himself

By the time Emory finishes a car, he has been toiling over it for nearly a year. Rust-bitten heaps leave having had their every inch scrutinized, restored or customized. Read the Story

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