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These Japan-Only, Enamel-Dial Watches Are Some of Seiko’s Best

January 4, 2020 Watches By

Even with the advent of widespread e-commerce in the watch industry and Seiko’s globalization as a brand, there are still those special watches that you can only get by being physically in Japan. These JDM (Japanese domestic market) models (and even entire collections) often have features and designs not available elsewhere, and a new pair of automatic, enamel-dial Presage models are the latest. One features a clean white dial, but the other model has a unique look with a deep reddish brown dial.

Seiko is highlighting the industrial designer Riki Watanabe for the design of the series, following previous Spring Drive editions also with enamel dials. The new models feature the Seiko 6R35 automatic movement with 70 hours of power reserve, visible and minimally decorated through a display case back. At 39.9mm wide and 12.4mm thick, they feature simple steel cases, water-resistant to 100m — which is very respectable for a watch not meant for sport applications.

Available from January 2020, the watches will only be available in Seiko’s Global Brand Core Shops which, despite being “Global” in name, are located solely in Japan. In both the white dial (SARX065) and red dial (SARX067) versions, the new Seiko Presage enamel dial watches will have a price of roughly $1,096.

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