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This Heavy-Hitting Buffalo Trace Bourbon Is the Sibling of Whiskey Royalty

January 17, 2020 Drinks By

Miss out on getting a bottle of Stagg in 2019’s Buffalo Trace Antique Collection drop? So did the rest of us. Luckily, the distillery throws the losers a bone in the form of another ultra-high proof, well-aged bourbon: Stagg Jr.

Buffalo Trace Distillery’s George T. Stagg bourbon is one of the most sought after whiskeys in America. In part because it’s released annually in the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and there aren’t many bottles and in part because it’s a mature, barrel proof flavor bomb of a bottle. Thus, its $99 suggested retail price is a farce — it typically sells for $500 or more (older releases will sell for two-, three- and four-times that, depending on the year) — and you’ll likely never lay eyes on one.

Lovingly called “Baby Stagg” by its devotees, the consolation prize whiskey delivers on much of the George T. Stagg promise: heavy-hitting, barrel proof whiskey that’s allowed to reach full maturity. Plus, Stagg Jr. releases twice a year and in much greater quantities than its older brother — including right now. Pegged at $60 retail, the thirteenth batch of Stagg Jr. is rolling out to retailers nationwide now. The first of this year’s releases is bottled at 128 proof, aged for 8 years and, as is tradition, non-chill-filtered.

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