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This Is the Easiest Way to Make Your Weber Kettle Grill a Smoker

January 26, 2020 Home By

Weber’s kettle charcoal grills are the most famous grills in America. As such, they’ve inspired more aftermarket grill products than any other — meat smoking insets, upgraded lid hinges, makeshift pizza ovens and more. Add the Original Spider-22 to the list, the Weber kettle’s first ever wood pellet-grilling attachment.

Originally launched on Kickstarter, Spider-22 features a 12-pound wood pellet hopper and operates between 175 and 500 degrees. Like with a Traeger, control the heat with a digital temperature gauge. It also requires no tools or changes to the grill to attach and start cooking — the device slides into one of the air holes at the base of the grill and latches onto the lip on the top. Excessive? Maybe. Awesome? Yes.

For the uninitiated, wood-pellet grilling is fairly simple. Wood pellets are loaded into a hopper and an auger pushes the pellets into a firebox. The adjust temperature, the auger pushes slower or faster, and some pellet grills utilize a fan to increase temperature more quickly. As a cooking method, it’s better at smoking foods than charcoal or gas and far easier to handle than a proper smoker.

The Spider-22 fits the 22-inch Weber and costs $279 to back. It’s available now. Weber’s official wood pellet grill-smoker is available for pre-order now, and ships later this winter.

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