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This Strange Alarm Clock Isn’t Really an Alarm Clock, But It Works Wonders

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In Kind of Obsessed, we dish on the products we can’t get enough of. Jimmy MacDonald, co-founder of bedding company Authenticity50, is obsessed with Philips’ SmartSleep Connected Alarm. Here’s why.

I’m someone that struggles to wake up in the morning — particularly in the winter months when there are layers upon layers of gray and black outside and rain pouring down. Furthermore, waking up in a dark room to an alarm blaring is the hunter-gatherer version of a pack of hyena’s attacking your camp just before dawn. It gets the job done but it’s a horrible way to start your day.

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Jimmy MacDonald is the co-founder of Authenticity50, a bedding brand with a keen focus on high quality, natural materials. Its Signature Sheet set earned “Best Value” marks in our guide to the best bedsheets.

Then I came across the SmartSleep Connected Alarm. It mimics waking up in the outdoors; glowing a nice warm orange to simulate the sunrise before your alarm time, then, at the time your alarm is actually set for, birds start to chirp or waves start to break on shore, slowly waking you up in a more natural way with a warm sunrise-y glow. It’s not quite as nice as waking up to an orange sun at dawn in a sleeping bag, but it’s the closest you can get without leaving your room.

I wake up feeling better, less stressed and I actually get out of bed rather than pushing snooze for 30 minutes. Getting a better night’s sleep is a great way to improve your health, lose weight and get more done — but waking up properly will help all that as well. Now I wake up in a good mood, ready to start my day and get stuff done.

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