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Make Your Next Fire Quick and Easy With Wolf and Grizzly

March 10, 2020 Home By Photo by Wolf and Grizzly
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With winter receding, planning for new outdoor adventures is in full swing. And whether you’re organizing an off-the-grid affair, or simply gathering your crew for a backyard bash, Wolf and Grizzly should be on your packing list. Skillfully manufactured and ingeniously designed, Wolf and Grizzly’s packable fire pit system will quickly become the centerpiece of every outdoor experience.

Grill M1

Grill M1 was the first portable grill consisting of only two pieces which can be set up in under a minute. The rollable grill surface and foldable frame that pack down to stow easily in a backpack. Designed to be lightweight and portable, yet durable enough to handle all your adventures. The grill is fully adjustable for cooking over a wood or charcoal fire. Pair it with the Fire Safe for an unparalleled fire pit package.

Fire Safe

Fire Safe is a two-piece foldable, portable fire pit for minimal trace campfires. Its corrugated design increases fuel efficiency and controls airflow above and below your fire. The walls of Fire Safe’s frame double as windshields and protect the base of the fire in moderate to strong wind conditions. Fire Safe’s insert also doubles as a scoop for ashes, making disposal and cleanup post-fire quick and easy.

Fire Set

Fire Set is a fire starting tool consisting of a ferro rod and steel striker. The ferro rod nests in the striker which covers the exposed metal during transport and reduces overall size. Fire Set delivers approximately 20,000 strikes and is a reliable, sustainable alternative to matches and lighters, generating 5400-degree Fahrenheit sparks even in bad weather conditions and high altitudes.

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